How To Get Godfrey Icon In Elden Ring

The Godfrey Icon Talisman can enhance various Ashes of War, weapons, sorceries, skills, and incantations when worn in Elden Ring.

Godfrey Icon is one of the eight Legendary Talismans found in Elden Ring that can be used to boost various spells and skills in the game.

This talisman works best with magic character builds and can especially be used to increase the strength of charged Skills and Spells by a whole 15%.

The Godfrey Icon Talisman can enhance various Ashes of War, weapons, sorceries, skills, and incantations when worn in Elden Ring which proves it to be of extreme value. However, it is not compatible with Bow attacks and does not enhance them.

Like many other talismans in Elden Ring, the Godfrey Icon is also obtained after defeating a field boss. This field boss is an optional boss known as Godefroy the Grafted whose exact location will be described in this guide.

Godfrey Icon talisman location in Elden Ring

Godfrey Icon map location in Elden Ring

The fight with Godefroy the Grafted takes place in Golden Lineage Evergaol, an area in the Altus Plateau which can only be unlocked by a specific Stonesword Key.

Before fighting the Godefroy boss, you need to make sure that you have unlocked the Altus Plateau. You can reach Altus Plateau by either unlocking the Grand Lift of Dectus which requires piecing together a medallion or by fighting the Magma Wyrm boss in the Ravine-Vailed Village dungeon.  

After you have accessed the Altus Plateau, go to its Site of Grace and rest there before heading towards the Dectus Grand Lift.

Now, turn right and keep going north until you see the Golden Lineage Evergaol directly below you. Here, you need to keep in mind that you cannot simply jump toward the location as it will result in your player’s death and you won’t be able to access the Golden Lineage Evergaol.

What you need to do here is to look for a small ridge that will lead you down to the location of Godefroy’s boss fight.

This boss is hidden in a room that has an imp seal and is guarded by a statue. Use the Stonesword Key here to access this room and to face Godefroy the Grafted who will grant you the coveted talisman upon his defeat.

How to defeat Godfrey the Grafted in Elden Ring

Godefroy the Grafted is a mighty boss with 12419 HP, 113 Defense, and 105 Stance Stats. He is weak to Standard, Pierce, Strike, and Slash Damage which you can use to your advantage.

Even though Godefroy is a mighty behemoth but you are already somewhat aware of his attacks which are very similar to Godrick the Grafted’s, a Demigod boss you have already faced in Stormveil Castle.  

You can neither summon Spirit of Ashes nor play with Multiplayer in this boss fight so the best way to defeat him is to study his moves and plan your attacks accordingly.

Godefroy mostly executes Standard attacks and only a few charged ones such as the Whirlwind Attack and the Slamming Earthquake. These charged attacks need to be dodged by keeping a safe distance and rolling away.

To play the offense, you can look for the time when Godefroy has just executed an attack and is preparing for the next one. Attack him in this time frame and deal massive damage which is eventually going to take him down.

Once Godefroy the Grafted is defeated, he will give off the Godfrey Icon Talisman and 26000 Runes as your reward.   

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