How To Get Graven-School Talisman In Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the Graven-School Talisman is a nifty little talisman that will provide a boost to sorceries.

Elden Ring allows players to craft elaborate builds through the items they find in The Lands Between. The Graven-School Talisman is an excellent early to mid-game item that increases the potency of your magic, making it an excellent choice for mage builds in Elden Ring.

In this guide, we’ll cover the location of the Graven-School Talisman in Elden Ring, its stats and how you can make it stronger, as well as excellent alternatives for this item.

Graven-School Talisman location in Elden Ring 

Graven-School Talisman map location in Elden Ring

Graven-School Talisman’s location is in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. From the Debate Parlor Site of Grace, head west and turn right before descending the stairs. You will see an empty bookcase in front of you that you can destroy to reveal an illusory wall. If you haven’t beaten Red Wolf of Radagon, and just want the Talisman, you can even start from Schoolhouse Site of Grace and reach the illusory wall.

Do so and enter, and you will enter a room with a chest in front of you. Open it, grab the loot, and then face the way you came from to find a ladder to your right. Ascend it and reach the upper section. 

Move through the walkway and go to the far side of the room to the end, where you will see some wooden planks. Jump on them and drop down the hole to another corridor and down the second hole.

graven-school talisman plank to jump

You will drop down into a room to fight some Living Jar enemies. Deal with them as you wish, and then approach the giant crystals for the Graven-School Talisman. 

Graven-School Talisman stats and effects

The Graven-School Talisman will increase your sorcery potency by 4 percent in Elden Ring. 4% may not be significant enough for some players, making chasing after Talisman not worth it. Players may even want to equip two of them, but you can’t stack 2 Graven-School Talismans at the same time.

However, you can equip the Graven-School Talisman with the Graven-Mass Talisman to boost your sorcery damage further. Graven-Mass Talisman can boost your sorcery damage by 8%. So, equipping both of these Talisman will net you a 12% boost.

Players wanting to acquire the same effects of the Graven-Mass Talisman and Graven-School Talisman may equip the Magic Scorpion Charm, which grants a 12% magic boost, or the Godfrey Icon, which grants a 15% magic and skill boost. However, the former comes at the cost of +10% increased damage taken.

It is important to note that the Graven School Talisman does not affect Incantations in the Elden Ring, so steer clear of this item if you have a faith/incantation build.

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