How To Find Flame, Grant Me Strength In Elden Ring

Flame, Grant Me Strength can be combined with Golden Vow to boost your attack power for huge damage in Elden Ring.

Flame, Grant Me Strength is part of the Fire Monk Incantation, which is great in Elden Ring. This defensive incantation can increase your defense against physical and fire-affinity attacks. You can get your hands on this power very early in the game.

Hence, if you are building a mage, you might want to know where to get the Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation. In the following guide, we will tell you the location and workings of the Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation.

Flame, Grant Me Strength location in Elden Ring

You can get your hands on Flame, Grant Me Strength from the very start of Elden Ring after reaching Fort Gael. The fort is located south of the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace, or you can reach it by traveling west from Limgrave’s Summonwater Village Outskirts.

After getting to the Rotview Balcony, travel south to the site of Grace in Fort Gael North.

Flame, Grant me strength location

The way to the fort is heavily guarded and it is recommended to be mounted while traveling. It’s your priority whether to play stealth or not.

When moving towards the western backside of the fort, Watch out and avoid arrows from the Radahn archer on top of the ridge.

Over there, outside the fort walls, two Flame Chariots beside a bonfire will guard the area. In between the chariots is a corpse holding the Flame, Grant Me Strength spell.

How to use Flame, Grant Me Strength in Elden Ring

Price: 28 FPs for a two-second cast window

Memory slots utilized: Slot.

Requirements: 15 Faith Points.

Flame, Grant Me Strength will grant 35% more physical attack power for 30 seconds on Stacking with Golden Vow Skill. This combination is very useful while fighting bosses with huge HPs.

Take note that it cannot be stacked with Bloodboil Aromatic, Ironjar Aromatic, Drangonbolt Blessing, Vyke’s Drangonbolt, and Black Flame’s Protection for the reason they override each other.

The incantation costs 16 points of stamina and lasts 30 seconds. The spell gives a 20% boost to physical and fire attacks in PVE and a 15% boost to the same in PVP, so the Incantation can work well for you in PvP at the beginning of the fight.

You can take benefits of Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation. By combining it with Meteorite and Rock Sling sorceries, as, the increase in physical damage due to the incantation boosts your physical-related spell damage,

Overall, Flame, Grant Me Strength can go well with almost any build; however, its short duration and 15 Faith requirement might not be ideal. Still, this spell can be a great source to deal additional damage to tough enemies like bosses in Elden Ring, so having it in your inventory can be a big plus

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