How To Get To Fort Gael In Elden Ring

Fort Gael is quite heavily guarded by the knights of Redmane in Elden Ring. You need to clear them out before looting the place.

Fort Gael is one of the many forts (or castles) that you can come across in each of the major regions of Elden Ring.

While most of them are ruins, Fort Gael (in this case) is quite heavily guarded by the knights of Redmane. The reason they guard the fort is because of the treasures inside.

You will want to get your hands on the loot here. So, here is how you can get to Fort Gael in Elden Ring.

Fort Gael location in Elden Ring

Fort Gael is a location in Elden Ring located in the southwest part of Caelid. You can get to this place by heading northeast from the Limgrave. The path to Fort Gael is well-paved and is surrounded by a molten stone wall.

Heading Eastward, you will come across several Sites of Grace starting with Rotview Balcony and then the Caelem Ruin. If you head further south, you will come across the Smoldering Well Site of Grace before encountering a burning wall.

Fort Gael map location in Elden Ring

Tarnished will reach Fort Gael after traveling west from the Smoldering Well Site of Grace. After travelling North from Fort Gael Main Entrance, you will reach Fort Gael North Site of Grace.

The main doors accessing Fort Gael are closed, meaning that you have to go around to get in. For that, you have to head further north along the Wooden Platform and enter through the basement.

Before you reach the premises of the Fort, you need to take out the guard being on overwatch from the ladder.

What to do at Fort Gael in Elden Ring

Find Flame, Grant Me Strengthe Incantation

While exploring the lands of Fort Gael, you will come across several enemies which need to be taken care of.  Among those enemies, you will find two Flame Chariots which will give you Flame, Grant Me Strength Incantation as a reward.

To find these Flame Chariots, you need to make your way to the locked door located southeast of the fort. After getting there, you will find the Flame Chariot duo beside the ladder.

Find Lion’s Claw Ash of War

Once you enter Fort Gael, you will face one of the biggest enemies called Lion Guardian. To find him, you need to take the stairs to the rampart overlooking the courtyard. Jump down into the courtyard to engage with the Lion Guardian.

This is one of the dangerous enemies in Fort Gael therefore you need to make your distance when possible. You will get Lion’s Claw Ash of War as a reward if you are successful in defeating Lion Guardian.

Find Legacy of the Blight of the Stars Talisman

In Fort Gael, you will come across a trio of soldiers on the terrace which can be reached by taking the stairs in the middle of the fort. You need to defeat all three of these soldiers to find a Treasure Chest behind them.

Tarnished will get the Blight of the Stars Talisman after opening the chest behind the terrace.

Collect Misc Items

You will be able to find a corpse located inside the small encampment on the outskirts of Fort Gael. Looting the same corpse will grant tarnished five Explosive Greatbolts.

Once you are done defeating Lion Guardian in the main courtyard of the fort, head outside the courtyard using the stairs. Here you will come across ten mushrooms on top of the corpse.

Head towards Teleporter

Once you have swept every possible item and defeated every enemy in Fort Gael, you need to make your way to the Teleporter located at the top of the tower. Using the teleporter, players will end up in Redmane Castle.

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