Elden Ring Starscourge Radahn Boss Guide

Starscourge Radahn is a massive boss in Caelid who you have to defeat to advance towards the Legacy Dungeon. In...

Starscourge Radahn is a massive boss in Caelid who you have to defeat to advance towards the Legacy Dungeon. In this Elden Ring Radahn guide, we will tell you how to find and defeat him, including his weaknesses and rewards.

How to activate Radahn’s Festival

Radahn’s Festival can be activated in two different ways. First is by progressing Ranni’s questline. The second and quicker way is activating any Site of Grace in the Altus Plateau.

Head to the Impassible Greatbridge Site of Lost Grace from Caelid. A Waygate can be seen near the bonfire. To teleport inside the Redmane Castle, interact with it. When you arrive, walk north, and continue in that direction until you reach a large open space.

Jerren, the Witch Hunter, is greeting everyone to the Radahn Festival upstairs. Request his participation in the event, and then turn around to enter the large castle from the northwest.

Enter the room right behind a chair after entering the castle. Exit the castle through the right-hand entrance. To go down, take the elevator ahead, walk forward, and use the Waygate. The teleporter will transfer you to Radahn’s boss region, the Wailing Dunes.

If you are wondering why you can’t fight Radahn in Elden Ring, keep in mind that you won’t be able to fight Starscourge Radahn until you gather Dectus Medallion and activate the Grand Lift of Dectus, which is located between Liurnia of the Lakes and Altus Plateau.

Starscourge Radahn Recommended Level and Weaknesses

Before fighting Radahn, you should be at least level 70. Scarlet Rot is really useful in this fight. You can inflict Rot on Radahn only once to reduce his health by nearly half. Inflicting it on him again at the beginning of the second phase will quickly kill him.

Starscourge Radahn Attacks and Counters

Radahn possesses a variety of attacks. The first assault is Gravity Arrows in which Radahn charges his arrows with gravity magic while staying away at a considerable range. You need to dodge the arrow. Remember to use the terrain or obstacles in the way to block the arrow attacks.

Radahn’s second assault is Rain Arrows where he will shoot arrows into the sky. These will fall on you and will keep following you as you sprint away. You must quickly summon and mount Torrent and sprint perpendicular to Radahn to be able to dodge every arrow attack.

Radahn’s third attack is Scatter Arrows where he will unleash a huge spread of arrows. You must dodge these as well. Use the terrain if you need to stop the arrows.

Radahn will also attack with seemingly random sweeps and slams. He will sometimes chain both of these attacks for an up to four-hit combo. It is important to remember that if he chains two smashes together, he’ll follow up with two more.

If you see this, make a dash for him. You’ll be secure under him until he completes the chain. Get a couple of free hits in before he finishes his chained attack.

Radahn will also use Gravity Step to strike you. While close to Radahn, his foot will surge with gravitational energy. He will move back and sweep anything that was near to where he was standing 0.25 seconds later.

When you’re near to the attack, it’s risky. Keep an eye out for when gravity surges through his leg and react quickly. Dodge towards him or away from him when he performs his broad swing for extra greed damage.

Elsewhere, Radahn roars with his swords at his sides during his Dive Attack. He then jumps forward to slowly swing twice, then quickly swing three times before finishing with a ground sweep. His final sweep, after phase 1.5, will send a wave of gravity out from the attack.

Early on, avoid the first slam, and later on, avoid the second slam. Dodge his following three attacks in the same way. Rolling or being too near to Radahn might help you evade the sweep.

When Radahn comes near you, he will chase and circle around you. He’ll take a big swing after a protracted build-up. During this strike, it’s incredibly easy to panic roll. Count 3 seconds and dodge when you spot him approaching you with one of his trailing blades.

How to Defeat Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring

You will find this boss in Caelid by going through a portal at Redmane Castle. Then, you will fight this boss in Wailing Dunes. But the boss requires some planning before you go through that fog gate; otherwise, Radahn will make life a living hell for you.

Below, we have provided a strategy for the boss fight that covers both phases of the fight and should make the whole thing a lot easier for you to beat Radahn in Elden Ring.

The fight is divided into two-phase, and we will tell you about both Phases of the fight and what you should do in them to defeat the Starscourge Radahn Boss easily.

First phase

Use the Surroundings to Hide

You can use different things and piles of swords in the Wailing Dunes to hide and protect yourself from the boss’s ranged attacks. However, this boss will fire the massive magic arrows at you, and if you get hit by even one of them, you will lose half of your health at least.

Since the boss is using a horse for moving quickly so you should summon the horse for getting away and close to the boss quickly.

Elden Ring Radahn Summons

This fight mainly depends on summoning the NPCs as they’re going to play a major role in your victory against the boss. So right after the fight starts, you should go to the first yellow summoning sign for summoning the NPC.

In the first phase of the battle, your main focus will be dodging the boss attacks and summoning all the signs you see. Once all the NPCs you summoned reach the boss, he will use a melee attack, and it’s time for you to move into the battle.

Stick to Horseback

You should stick to horseback while moving towards the boss for high mobility. Let the NPCs attack the boss and be patient. Then, circle around the boss and look at its attack pattern.

You can also use different attacks from a distance if you have a ranged build. Ranged is also the recommended build for this boss since it also has high mobility.

Attack and Respawn NPCs

The NPCs you are going to summon will die pretty quickly in the fight with the boss, but the good news is that you can respawn them again after some time.

So you should be attacking the boss and respawning the NPCs as well during the whole fight so you can get more chances to attack the boss.

You will also need to look out for the boss when he is going to plunge his sword into the ground, and it glows purple. This is the sign that the boss is going to use the Gravity Spell attack that can deal severe damage.

It is also an indicator for the second phase of the fight. He will leap into the air. After half of his health drops. You have to watch out for his movement and move in the direction opposite of his movement since if this attack hits you, it can be instant death for you.

Second Phase

Once Starscourge Radahn is on the ground, the fight will enter the second phase.

Watch out for Comets Attack

The second phase of the fight is pretty much like the first phase, but in this Radahn is going to use some magic attacks as well. He will use magic attacks like throwing purple orbs at you, but you can dodge them easily.

The difficult attack to dodge here is comets. The boss will mostly be using these comets at the NPCs around it, but you have to be alert since he can attack you directly using them.

These can deal huge damage to you, so even if the boss launches them at you, use the horse to get out of the way quickly.

Avoid Enchant Weapons Attacks

Radahn will also enchant his weapons during the fight, and they will turn blue. These weapons will do extra magic damage, so it is good to dodge these attacks and stay away from them as much as possible.

Here you should again focus on summoning the NPCs so they can distract the boss. Then, when the boss is distracted, you can get close to him and attack him from the back.

Continue to work like that you will eventually defeat the Starscourge Radahn Boss in Elden Ring.

Starscourge Radahn Drops

For defeating the Starscourge Radahn Boss in Elden Ring, you will be rewarded with the Remembrance of the Starscourge, Radahn’s Great Rune, and 70,000 Runes.

Also, you will be able to purchase General Radahn’s Armor set after you defeat Radahn in Elden Ring. It costs 36000 runes and can be purchased from Enia who is located in Roundtable Hold.

You can also obtain Radahn’s Sword, the Starscourge Greatsword by trading the Remembrance of Starscourge with Enia. Or, you can trade the Remembrance of Starscourge with Enia to obtain Radahn’s bow called the Lion Greatbow in Elden Ring.

How to Cheese Starscourge Radahn

You can lure Radahn into killing himself which will allow you to win the second phase of the fight quickly and with ease.

Simply stroll to the edge of Radahn’s region, near the sea, to pull this off. Radahn will fall to the earth and land in the water if he is positioned appropriately. He will fall to his death after the assault animation is over, giving you a fast victory.

Because Radahn is very vulnerable to Rot, you can use the Rotten Breath Incantation to deal significant damage from a safe distance throughout the fight.

Using a Dragon Heart acquired by fighting any dragon, you can purchase this Incantation from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southern Caelid. To use this Incantation, you’ll need a Sacred Seal weapon, as well as a minimum Faith stat of 15 and an Arcane stat of 12.

Starscourge Radahn’s Great Rune

Radahn, along with Ranni and Rykard, is one of Radagon and Rennala’s three kids, making him one of the Lands Between’s eight Demi-Gods.

After the Elden Ring was shattered, he was one of the remaining Demi-Gods fighting for the sovereignty of the Great Runes. His last combat with Malenia ended in death for both of them, and the land of Caelid was infected with scarlet rot.

Great Runes are unique treasures dropped by Demigod Bosses in Elden Ring that may be equipped to get powerful passive benefits. The Great Rune of Radahn increases maximum HP, stamina, and FP by 15%.

To activate Radahn’s Great Rune in Elden Ring, you must first restore it by going to the Divine Tower of Caelid where the Radahn Rune Tower is located and platforming your way to the top.

After recovering it, activate it with a Rune Arc until you die. This rune is better suited to heavily invested tank builds or ones that rely significantly on FP.

Starscourge Radahn’s Horse Easter Egg

One gamer uncovered an easter egg involving Starscourge Radahn’s absurdly little horse while delving through Elden Ring’s scripts.

In Caelid, Radahn awaits the player. Apart from his meteoric abilities, Radahn is also known for his little horse. Radahn’s horse, Leonard, has been with him since he was a boy, according to canon. Radahn apparently adored his horse so much that he learned gravitational magic in order to keep riding it.

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