How to Reach Siofra Region In Elden Ring

There are two entrances from where you can get into the underground Siofra Region in Elden Ring. Once is in Mistwood and the other is in Caelid.

As if the surface map of Elden Ring wasn’t big enough, there are underground regions to explore as well and Siofra Region is one of them. Most of these underground areas are quite tough and it’s recommended to venture underground in Elden Ring after getting some experience.

While these underground areas are relatively tougher to explore, the rewards they hide are totally worth the effort. In this guide, however, we will only be discussing the Siofra Region location and how can you get there.

Siofra River Location and how to get there

The Siofra River Region expands throughout the underground region of Caelid And Limgrave Regions. There are two locations from which you can get into the Siofra River region.

For the first lift location, travel to the Siofra River Well which is a small shelter near an Erdtree located on the eastern coast of the Limgrave Region in the north of Fort Haight.

siofra river well location elden ring

For the second Siofra River entrance location, visit the Deep Siofra Well in the canyons of the Caelid region. Head to the north of the Caelid region near the Dragonbarrow Plateau to get here.

deep siofra well elden ring

Siofra River Region is always in chaos with various low and high-level enemies roaming in different areas. So, whether you go on a mission or collect an item, you will face a lot of enemies.

A low-level build is unable to handle the load of enemies so it is recommended to be at least level 50-60 before you make a visit here.

Siofra River Sub-Locations and Bosses

Siofra region is further divided into sub-regions and naturally, there are some NPCs, bosses and loot to see in this region. Following are the sub-locations of Siofra River in Elden Ring:

You will two main bosses in Siofra River region:

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