Seluvis’s Rise Location And How To Unlock It In Elden Ring

Seluvis's Rise in Elden Ring can be found in the notorious Three Sisters region in northwest Liurnia. Initially, it will be unlocked.

Elden Ring hides a lot of NPCs in the vast world itself. In the cryptic ways of FromSoftware, you are given almost no clues about where to find certain NPCs. One of the hidden NPCs in Elden Ring is Seluvis, who is found in Seluvis’s Rise. This guide will help you find Seluvis’s Rise in Elden Ring, and what can you expect upon meeting Seluvis.

Seluvis’s Rise Location

Seluvis’s Rise is located in northwest Liurnia, in the Three Sisters region. It is found on the hill behind the Caria Manor. Of course, you need to complete Caria Manor and defeat Royal Knight Loretta to gain access to the hill behind Caria Manor.

How to Unlock the Door of Seluvis’s Rise

There are three towers here, and the tower to the south is Seluvis’s Rise. After you defeat Royal Knight Loretta, you can get to Seluvis’s Rise, but you’ll find it locked. To unlock Seluvis’s Rise, players need to start Ranni’s questline, which can be started by talking to Ranni in Ranni’s Rise. Ranni’s Rise is, fortunately, just located north of Seluvis’s Rise.

After you talk to Ranni, she will tell you to talk to Seluvis, thus unlocking Seluvis’s Rise for you to enter and talk to Seluvis.

What to do after you unlock Seluvis’s Rise?

Seluvis’s Questline

Seluvis, other than being a part of Ranni’s questline, has his own questline, although it is a short one. This questline has you delivering Seluvis’s Potion to Nepheli. You can check the details and endings of this quest in our Seluvis Questline Guide.

Either way, you can complete Seluvis’s questline to unlock him as a merchant, and you’ll be able to purchase the following items from Seluvis:

  • Carian Phalanx
  • Carian Retaliation
  • Glintstone Icecrag
  • Freezing Mist

Seluvis’s Rise Treasure

Other than Seluvis, players can also climb to the top of the rise and find a chest on top of the tower. This tower contains one of the 8 Memory stones you can find in Elden Ring, perfect for spell builds.

Looting Seluvis’s Body

After players complete Ranni’s questline, they can return to Seluvis’s Rise and you will find Seluvis dead. Here, players can loot Seluvis’s body to get the following items:

  • Seluvis’s Bell Bearing
  • Preceptor’s Big Hat
  • Preceptor’s Long Gown
  • Preceptor’s Gloves
  • Preceptor’s Trousers

And over the bell bearing to the Twin Maiden Husk in Roundtable Hall to get Seluvis’s items if you haven’t bought them yet.

Seluvis’s Rise Puppet Shop

If you have found Seluvis’s Puppet laboratory, you can return to Seluvis and talk to him. As such, this allows you to purchase these puppets as Spirit Ashes, in exchange for Starlight Shards.

Even if you have completed Ranni’s questline, and Seluvis is dead, his Spirit Ashes shop still remains open for business and you can continue to purchase the Spirit Ashes you want. Fortunately, in the last part of Ranni’s questline, you will find a lot of Starlight Shards, so you can get all the spirit ashes in Seluvis’s Spirit Ashes Shop.

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