How to Get Flamberge in Elden Ring, Is It Any Good?

Flamberge Greatsword can be found in Caelid, in the notorious Redmane Castle of Elden Ring. The weapon is good for bleed builds.

You will come across many weapons in Elden Ring, Flamberge is the weapon you will get early in the game. If you are looking for a good weapon for bleed builds, Flamberge would be a viable option. However, acquiring it might be difficult for you.

This guide helps you with the location and stats of the Flamberge Greatsword.

Flamberge Location in Elden Ring

As you can see on the map image above, Flamberge Greatsword is in Redmane Castle, Caelid region. Once you cross the first bridge that takes you to the castle location, you cannot enter through the main gate. 

Before you go in search of Flamberge Greatsword, make sure that the Radhan Festival is not going on. Because you cannot acquire the Flamberge after the festival has started. You can either go before the festival or wait until the festival is finished and you have defeated Starscourge Radahn.

Go around the gate, and take the route marked in the image above. It is better to use a mount to save some time. Keep going on this route to the very end until you see a ladder. Climb up using this tall ladder, and you will enter Redmane Castle.

You don’t have to fight; you can sneak past them and turn to the right. While avoiding guards, keep walking, and jump down to land on the tent to avoid damage. There will be a dog in this area, so it is better to kill it, or it will attack you. A couple of hits are enough to take it down.

Turn right and enter the room near the end, where you will face a strong foe. You can either fight or run past. Outside you will see a couple of creatures roaming in the area. Ignore them and turn right by the tree.

Take a few steps, and turn left, where you will come across a few guards. Ignore them and ascend the stairs ahead. Turn to the right as soon as you are at the top of the stairs. Ascend another set of stairs and turn left to enter a room.

Climb up using the ladder at the far end of the room. As you get to the top, you will face Pumpkinhead foe. Parry its attacks and perform a few counterattacks to take it down. Once it is no longer a problem, look around, and you will find the Flamberge Greatsword on a dead body.

Is Flamberge Greatsword any good?

Flamberge is not the best dual-handed sword in Elden Ring, but it can be considered the best choice to get you through the early stage of the game.

You cannot do any weapon art in this sword; you can infuse it with the Ashes of War. Moreover, you can upgrade it with the help of Smithing Stones. It also has the Stamp (Upward Cut) as its default skill.

This skill may seem useless as it helps with your stance, but it is very effective against larger enemies because it reduces the coil when you parry their attacks and gives you a chance for an upward strike. Furthermore, Flamberge weighs 10 and scales primarily on the wielder’s Strength and Dexterity.

The following are the stats of Flamberge:            

Physical (129)Physical (65)
Magic (0)Magic (35)
Fire (0)Fire (35)
Lighting (0)Lighting (35)
Holy (0)Holy (35)
Critical (100)Boost (42)

Flamberge also has blood loss buildup pf 55, where if the Hemorrhage meter is filled, it can deal damage equivalent to a percentage of the enemy’s max HP. This passive buildup works best against big bosses because they have the most HP. 

However, there are certain conditions you must satisfy before wielder Flamberge like you should have at least 15 Strengths and 14 Dexterity. It also has the Strength and Dexterity scaling of D and C, respectively.

Flamberge works best with bleed builds. Lastly, you should infuse Flamberge with Seppuku, Chilling Mist, and Poisonous Mist to maximize its potential.

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