How to Get the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

Far Cry 6 continues the tradition of the franchise where players can get a secret ending early on in the game. This guide will help you unlock the secret ending in Far Cry 6 and enjoy a different perspective on the conflict.

Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

Similar to previous games, the secret ending of FC6 can be accessed pretty much at the start of the game if you know what to look for to trigger it. This occurs long before the actual finale, allowing you to view a different result to how the story ends.

How to unlock Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

The secret ending in Far Cry 6 can be unlocked after you leave the opening area of Isla Santuario. You will have completed mission Libertad Rises and you will move from Isla Santuario to Zamok Archipelago in the start of the game.

At the island, Clara will provide you the boat to get away from Yara, but Libertads want you to stay and help fight through the revolution.

You have the choice to speak to Juan to give up the chance to escape and help the revolution. Alternatively, simply go to the boat and get away from the conflict.

For the secret ending in FC6, simply get in the boat and drive off. Drive the boat to the edge of the map to get out of Yara. You will get a message, “Leaving Yara, Turn Around”. Keep going on and you will get the secret ending.

The cutscene will start playing marking the secret ending. The screen will fade to black and skip 3 months ahead. You will be resting on a beach in Miami while a radio in the background plays an announcement, informing that Clara has died at the hands of Castillo.

After you get the ending, you can simply reload the last save and just continue off with the story.

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