How to Get the Far Cry 6 Secret Ending

Far Cry 6 has a hidden secret ending that not a lot of people know about. Getting it requires making a specific choice.

Far Cry 6 continues the franchise’s tradition of offering players a secret ending early in the game. This guide will unveil the steps to unlock this secret ending, offering a different perspective on the revolution’s fate.

Unlike some previous entries where the secret ending was hidden near the beginning, Far Cry 6 requires some progress. However, you can still access it within the first few hours of gameplay. This guide will walk you through the actions to trigger this alternate story path and its consequences.

What To Do Before Getting Far Cry 6 Secret Ending?

But before you try to unlock the game’s secret ending, you must complete the opening island first. This is essentially the opening area of Far Cry 6 that will teach you the various game systems. Play this section normally until you reach the mission Libertad Rises. You will be tasked with clearing out two ships.

This is where Clara will greet you at the docks. She will give you the keys to an old boat and offer you to escape and live peacefully in Miami.

Get In The Boat

At this point, the game’s programming wants you to ignore the offer and go with Juan. Doing so will proceed with the events of Far Cry 6 normally. But to get the secret ending, you must jump inside the boat and sail away. Take the northwestern route, which will take you towards a gap between the two islands.

Keep going until you hear Dani speak to you. This will confirm that you have triggered the desired ending, and the screen will fade to black. The next few scenes show Dani relaxing on the beach while listening to the radio. The radio broadcast tells us that Anton Castillo managed to overthrow the resistance and executed Clara. Essentially, since you decided not to play through the events of the game, the bad guys end up winning.

This ending also unlocks the achievement called Hidden In Plain Sight.

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