Elden Ring Black Blade Kindred Boss Guide

The Black Blade Kindred is perhaps the most terrifying boss players will want to face in Elden Ring given that...

The Black Blade Kindred is perhaps the most terrifying boss players will want to face in Elden Ring given that he is an optional fight. The following guide will attempt to make that Black Blade Kindred boss fight easier by all accounts.

Elden Ring Black Blade Kindred Location

Black Blade Kindred is a ferocious boss who wields a halberd and is completely destructive owing to a wide range of moves and attacks that he possesses.

He is an optional boss to fight, which means you can skip him because it will not prevent you from progressing further in the game. However, we recommend taking him on because the reward is worth it.

You’ll first encounter Black Blade Kindred just before reaching Mountaintops of The Giants. He can be found in Caelid and the Forbidden Lands.

Black Blade Kindred’s Attacks

Below are all of the moves (and ways to counter them) the Black Blade Kindred boss has in his arsenal of attacks.

Sword Thrust

In order to perform this attack, Kindred will slash his blade forward. This is his basic move, and it is very easy to avoid. All you have to do is move to either side to avoid being hit.

Halberd Twist

Kindred will pull the Axe from his back and inflict damage with a twisting attack.

This attack, though potent, is easy to avoid because you’ll see Kindred drawing his Axe. When you see Kindred draw his Axe, simply fall back and keep a safe distance to avoid being hit.


Roar is another one-of-a-kind attack in Kindred’s arsenal. Kindred will raise his sword in the air, launching a red sonic projectile in a straight line.

This is by far the easiest attack to dodge. To avoid being hit, simply move to either side of the sonic projectile.

Halberd Charge

Kindred’s signature move is the Halberd Charge. Kindred will leap forward with the Halberd, delivering powerful blows performing flame spins, and then a slam.

This attack has the potential to finish off an enemy in an instant. Since you’ll see Kindred coming with his attack fall back to dodge.

How to Defeat Black Blade Kindred Boss in Elden Ring

Although the Black Blade Kindred boss is a formidable opponent, he can be dispatched with the right approach. Simply follow these steps, and you’ll be on top of Kindred by the end of the fight.

To begin, buff up with the Rune Arc, Grease, or whatever you have available. When it comes to fighting, you have two options: play aggressive or play it safe. We recommend playing it safe because it is simple and odds are you’ll emerge victoriously.

On the other hand, if you want to play aggressively, be aware that Kindred will stagger you adding to the difficulty.

Now, that we are clear about the strategies, let’s talk about how you intend to defend and counter-attack. First and foremost, when playing defense, you must carry a shield to avoid being staggered when blocking.

How to Defend?

We recommend that you use the ‘Greatshield.’ With the exception of one, almost every attack can be deflected by the ‘Greatshield.’

When you see Kindred raise the sword with two hands horizontally and slam it down, roll back to avoid being hit because this attack goes over the shield.

There is one attack, however, that you should not attempt to defend against. If you see Kindred leaping into the air and twirling his halberd, back up because he is about to perform Halberd Charge, and it’s not a good idea to get in the way of it.

How to Counter Attack?

Here’s how to counter Kindred. As a general rule of thumb, when Kindred is wielding a sword, you should circle around him and strike him with minor blows whenever you see an opening.

When he switches to the halberd, move back and perform a dashing leap attack whenever you see an opening.

Kindred will almost always perform a 5-attack sequence. When he’s finished with an attack sequence, he’ll wind down with his head lowered. Ah! This is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Use this opening to go in with a running leap attack, which will deal good damage and will do considerably more if you strike his head.

Also, when Kindred pulls off the Sword Thrust attack, you’ll have a split second to attack. Capitalize on this opportunity and land a few blows and fall back to safety.

That’s all there is to know about this boss fight. Simply use this information to defend and counter-attack your way to victory.

You’ll receive 88,000 Runes, a Gargoyle’s Blackblade, and a Gargoyle’s Black Halberd as a reward for defeating the vicious Black Blade Kindred Boss. Totally worth it!

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