Elden Ring Millicent Questline Guide

This guide will provide a complete walkthrough of the Millicent questline in Elden Ring and help you breeze through it.

One of the quests in Elden Ring sends you on a journey to find a prosthetic arm for an NPC named Millicent, which will help you fight many enemies later on. This guide will provide a complete walkthrough of the Millicent questline in Elden Ring and help you breeze through it.

Elden Ring Millicent Locations

After you complete Gowry’s questline and provide a cure for Millicent’s disease, she will have other tasks for you to complete.

Meet with Millicent at the Erdtree Gazing Hill, which is also marked in the image above.

How to Complete Millicent Quest in Elden Ring

Millicent will ask you to head to Shaded Castle Ramparts in Elden Ring and get Valkyrie’s Prosthesis from the castle.

Make your way to the castle and get to the top. Ignore the enemies for now and head to the watchtower on the left side of the castle. A commander inside will be guarding the chest with the prosthesis arm.

Defeat or ignore the commander and loot the chest to get the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis. Now, head back to Millicent’s location and give her the prosthesis arm.

The Millicent Questline is divided into 4 chapters with each chapters having its own objectives to complete and option to select from. Let’s jump right into them.

Finding Gowry’s Shack

Visit the south section of Caelid (southern part of Sellia) to find Gowry waiting for your arrival in his Shack. To reach the location, you must take the route from Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace to the southwest side.

Once at the location, you’ll be welcomed by Gowry in his shack. Considering how Gowry is a saint who has significant knowledge about the town, Sellia, he’s willing to tell you a few secrets that will help you progress into the story.

But for that, you must select “Hear the request” when the option prompt appears.

Upon selecting the required option, Gowry tells you about the woman named Millicent, who’s found atop the church at Sellia, suffering from her in-curable sickness.

It’s now your objective to find a needle that may not cure her sickness, but can surely improve it.

Unalloyed Gold Needle Location

The Unalloyed Gold Needle is required to cure Millicent of the Scarlet Rot poison. Therefore, when you start the Millicent questline, Gowry will ask you to get the Unalloyed Gold Needle as a part of the quest.

The item is not hidden in a secret location or chest, but to get it, you have to go to the Swamp of Aeonia in Central Caelid. The swamps, however, cover a large area of the Central Caelid, and the exact location of the Unalloyed Gold Needle is not marked on the map.

There’s no need to go astray as we will guide you to the exact location of the Unalloyed Gold Needle. The location of the Unalloyed Gold Needle is to the west of Gowry’s Shack at the Heart of Aeonia,

Returning to Gowry’s Shack for Sellia’s Secret

In this step, Gowry gives you a task to complete. The task is to light up three beacons situated around the area. Doing so will prevent the magical barriers from blocking your path to progression into the Questline.

For the beacons head to the opposite part of the Town and with the help of Torrent’s double jump, hop onto the rooftops to take a look at the three beacons next to each other.

Upon lighting all three beacons, return to Gowry and he’ll give you the information regarding the secrets of Sellia. However, before that, he wants a few moments to investigate the Golden needle. Therefore, its best to hand him the needle and come back after a while.

Once the conversation is over, your next assignment is to provide Millicent with the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

Meeting and Curing Millicent at Church of Plague

Once you’ve received the Secrets of Sellia from Gowry, it’s time to visit the Church of Plague to meet Millicent and give her the Unalloyed Gold Needle.

The church itself is heavily guarded by multiple pests and skeletons nearby. Go past them either using stealth or killing them all to enter the Church that hold a Site of Grace and a Sacred Tear for your flask.

Once you’re inside, you’ll find Millicent resting at the western wall of the Church. Talk to her and she inform you about her curse. As the Dialogues finish, a prompt appears to give her the Needle.

Select “Give an Alloyed Needle” and once she has used the needle on her, come back after a while to talk to her again to receive Prosthesis- Wearer Heirloom.

Returning to Gowry’s Shack to Progress Questline

Once you’ve cured Millicent at the Church of Plague, it’s time to head back to Gowry’s Shack. However, instead of Gowry, you’ll find Millicent there investigating the area and recalling her memory.

Once the conversation is over, come back later to the Shack but this time to talk to Gowry. He thanks you for your hard work in finding the needle for Millicent and curing her. As a reward you’re given a few options “Study Sorcery”, “Millicent paid a visit” and “Leave”

It’s recommended to tell Gowry about Millicent to progress into the Questline even further. Selecting the option will let Gowry assign you a task to protect Millicent on every step she makes in the process of getting her memory back, which leads you to the completion of this step.

Finding Millicent at Atlus Plateau

Once you’ve had a conversation with Gowry at his Shack, pay a visit to Millicent at the north of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill site of grace near a cliff.

Talk to her as she explains how her memory is coming back. The first name she talks about is Malenia. She wants to find her. End this conversation and find a Valkyrie’s Prosthesis at the Shaded Castle (northern Altus Plateau), inside a room guarded by a Cleanrot Knight.

Once found, return to Millicent and hand over her the Prosthesis. Talk to her to end the step.

Defeating Godskin Apostle at Windmill Village

After giving Millicent the Prosthesis, start traveling towards the Windmill Village, Dominula found along the northern road of the area.

Explore the area a bit to come across wild residents that lead you to their leader Godskin Apostle.

Once found, you will face him near the wind turbines. Defeat the boss and rest at the area for Millicent to spawn there. When she spawns, talk to her again as she thanks you for giving her the Prosthesis. In return, she wants to aid you in a battle to show her appreciation for your hard work.

Finding Millicent at Mountaintop of the Giants

Pay a visit to Millicent at the Mountaintop of Giants, northeast region of Leyndell. You’ll find Millicent at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Site of Grace.

Once at the location, talk to her. During the conversation, Millicent is discussing a Medallion that grants access to the Haligtree, and believes that’s where you’ll find Malenia.

One half of the medallion will be found inside the Castle Sol, north of your current position. Get to the top of the castle using the wooden elevator, and you will find a ghost sitting beside the Haligtree Medallion.

You will now have to find the other half of the Haligtree Medallion, located in the Village of the Albinaurics. Keep going to the end of the village area, and you will find a pot right at the end of the path.

Hit the pot, and you will receive the right half of the Haligtree Medallion from the old man.

Reaching Miquella’s Haligtree to Talk to Millicent

When you have both halves of the Haligtree Medallion, fast travel to the Grand Lift of Rold, located in the Forbidden Lands.

Choose the Hoist Secret Medallion option in front of the Grand Lift of Rold, and a cutscene will play.

Enter the area, and it will open the hidden path to Haligtree. But for you to enter Haligtree, you first need to light four flames in Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Enter the evergaol when in Ordina and search the location for four statues holding a candle.

Three of these flames are located in the watchtowers, one on the right and two on the left. The fourth statue will be on the ground level.

When all four flames have been lit, go up the staircase in Ordina to enter Miquella’s Haligtree.

Upon entering Miquella’s Haligtree, make your way down while facing multiple giant ants and Albinaurics.

Keep moving into building till you come across Loretta, Knight of the Haligtree boss. Now make your way to the Player Room in Haligtree to find Millicent. Talk to her as she talks about Malenia to end this step.

Defeating Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss

During your quest to find Miquella, you’ll come across a Drainage Channel Site of Grace past the Inner wall.  This will lead you to Ulcerated Tree Spirit Boss.

Defeat the boss and then Rest at a a site of grace to recover for your final stages of the Questline.

Millicent Quest Choice – Friend or a Foe?

The last step of the chapter sees you make a choice. Return to the Drainage Channel Site of Grace and get two choices two make.

Either you can choose the yellow sign and fight with Millicent to kill the enemies; which will lead you to getting rewarded with Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, a talisman for increased attack power.

Choosing the red sign will lead you to fighting Millicent instead, and as a reward, you’ll get Millicent’s Prosthesis.

Where to Find Miquella’s Needle and Defeat Malenia

The last task of the Millicent questline is to head to Haligtree Roots and take on Malenia in a boss fight.

There will be two phases to the Malenia boss fight, which you can learn about in our Elden Ring Malenia Boss guide.

When you have successfully defeated Malenia, reload the area to return the Unalloyed Gold Needle. Now, head back to Gowry to finish the questline.

Miquella’s Needle can be acquired after completing the entire Millicent Questline through all chapters. Simply use the Gold Needle on scarlet blossom in her boss room and get rewarded with Miquella’s Needle.

How to Use Miquella’s Needle to Undo Frenzied Flame Ending?

Using Miquella’s Needle, you can Undo the Frenzied Flame Ending. Simply visit the Dragonlord Placidusax area and take part in a hoss fight. You can use the Needle before or after defeating Dragonlord Placidusax, the choice is yours.

Once you’re cured, your eyes will go back to their normal color and you can no longer make a pact with Three Fingers again.