Elden Ring Flying Dragon Greyll Boss Guide

Flying Dragon Greyll is an optional boss in Elden Ring. It can be found in the northeast parts of Dragonbarrow...

Flying Dragon Greyll is an optional boss in Elden Ring. It can be found in the northeast parts of Dragonbarrow in Caelid. This guide contains all that you should know before heading out to behead the Flying Dragon Greyll boss in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Flying Dragon Greyll Location

Flying Dragon Greyll can be found patrolling the Farum Greatbridge in Caelid. It is located between the northern and southern parts of Dragonbarrow. You can reach there by selecting “Farum Greatbridge” point of grace from the map.

Flying Dragon Greyll Recommended Level and Weaknesses

It is highly recommended that you are at least level 50 before taking on Flying Dragon Greyll. Do also note that the boss is highly weak to Thrust damage. Hence, bring the necessary weapons along for the fight.

Flying Dragon Greyll Attacks and Counters

Foot Crush

In this attack, Flying Dragon Greyll will raise one foot and try to crush you by suddenly slamming it onto the ground.

You can counter this attack by running towards the foot opposite of the one that is raised.

Wing Slam

Like foot crush, Flying Dragon Greyll will slam one of his wings into the ground while he is running toward you.

You can counter by running in the opposite direction if you are on a stump or run towards his opposite non-attacking wing.

Body slam

The dragon will fly in the air and follow your position. Suddenly he will come charging toward you from the air and try to crush you with his body.

You can counter this attack by not stopping as the dragon can stay in the air for a short duration. Just keep moving around the arena so that when the dragon comes down, he will miss you.

Tail Strike

The dragon will swing his tail either way to try hit you.

You can counter by running away or getting near his neck where his tail will not reach you.

Fire Breath

In this attack, the dragon will leap into the air and breath fire on you.

The flames are mostly concentrated on the right side of the bridge so you can counter this by running towards the left side of the bridge as well as underneath his legs.

Guided Fire Breathe

In this attack, the dragon will throw flames at the player while he is on the ground. What is different from the normal fire breathing attack is that in this attack, the boss will follow the player and guide his flame where you move.

You can counter this attack by running towards his legs as he can’t throw flames under his legs. The flame-throwing pattern is usually left to right, but it will start where you are standing.

Once the attack has begun, the dragon will not change direction mid-throw. You can run on the opposite side and get under his wing

How to Defeat Flying Dragon Greyll in Elden Ring

Greyll has a number of attacks that can end your adventure. Those attack moves have been discussed below in the context of the approach players should take based on their preferred gameplay style.

That being said, there exists a way of killing the dragon boss without even taking any damage. This is specifically tailored for ranged players. To do this, go to the other side of Farum Greatbridge and get on the surface indicated in the picture below.

Now at the indicated location, position yourself such that you are able to dodge almost every attack of the dragon and also able to cast your attacks on it. If you somehow get yourself just below the edge of a little cliff, you can cast continuous ranged attacks and would receive no damage at all.

For melee players

The players are advised to always stay mounted to have the advantage of mobility. Melee players can launch effective attacks by staying close to the boss. Aim for the feet of the dragon while staying under them for an instance to launch the attack and then look for an escape before being crushed.

Stay on the left side of the bridge which will make you less vulnerable to its fire-breathing attack. Both the grounded fire breath and the flying fire breath start from the right side of the bridge.

When you see the fire breath attack coming, which will be very obvious from the glowing mouth of the dragon, try to get yourself under the dragon where you’ll be safe and will have much time to launch a handsome number of attacks on the boss.

For the players who prefer to stay unmounted, the strategy remains the same, but they won’t be that agile to dodge all the attacks of the boss.

Just focus on the feet and legs to launch your maximum attacks. Attacking the head may not be that effective for the reason that it moves a lot and even jumping attacks won’t be able to hit precisely.

For magic players

This is a long fight and the players must be aware of their Cerulean Flasks count. Make sure that you carry enough and don’t run out of them. Using slow charging attacks while being unmounted can be very dangerous here.

The Rock Sling spell combined with Meteorite Staff aimed at head stuns the boss and proves to be a great help for casters. Ranged attacks like Glinstone Pebble and Loretta’s Greatbow are also good to use in the fight against Flying Dragon Greyll.

For ranged players

The ranged players may be liberal while choosing to stay mounted or not. Being mounted will help them dodge the breathing attacks.

On the other hand, staying unmounted will help in faster casting. The players can also run out of range when ranged attacks by the boss are launched and after the effect has tarnished, they may return to the ranged and continue the fight.

Hitting the boss from behind is not effective in the fight as it deals such a small amount of damage. Ranged players may also use the method of staying at points where the dragon can’t hit (as described earlier).

Flying Dragon Greyll Drops

Remember that killing a dragon in Elden Ring grants you a Dragon Heart that you can use in the Church of Dragon Communion to attain Dragon abilities. Flying Dragon Greyll will similarly reward you with a Dragon Heart alongside 80,000 Runes upon death.

How to Cheese Flying Dragon Greyll

The strategy is to maintain distance like climbing on a cliff so that the dragon’s attacks can’t reach you, while you keep hitting him with ranged weapons like bows until he’s dead.

For this cheese kill, you will need at least 99 arrows and 40 throwing knives. Get on the bridge and hit the dragon with any weapon so that he starts following you. You need to run and climb to the rocks on your right which are going to be on the north side of the bridge.

As you’re being chased, you need to wait for the dragon to peak his head at the edge of the bridge. That is when you should start shooting arrows at him.

You want to aim for his head. By the time you’re out of arrows, the dragon will have lost a third of his health.

Most of the dragon attacks will not reach you at the edge of the cliff but when the dragon does his long-range attack, you should step back until the fire disappears. Once you are out of arrows, start throwing knives at the dragon, and hopefully, the dragon will die before you run out of your knives.

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