Where Does The Star Fall After Radahn? Nokron City Location

In Elden Ring, defeating the Starscourge Radahn ends in an elaborate cutscene that shows a massive star falling from the sky.

In Elden Ring, defeating the Starscourge Radahn ends in an elaborate cutscene that shows a massive star falling from the sky. Despite showing this astronomical event, Elden Ring denies providing further details about what happened and why.

Talking to various NPCs reveals the mystery that a massive star has fallen near Limgrave. Radahn, with his complete mastery over gravity, challenged the stars and stopped them in their path to The Land Between.

Despite being consumed by Scarlet Rot, Radahn keeps holding the stars in one place. As soon as players defeat Radahn in Redmane Castle, stars start moving freely again. One comes crashing into the eastern Limgrave, opening a path to a secret place after its destruction.

Fallen Radahn star location in Elden Ring

Upon talking to different NPCs in the Roundtable Hold and around the map, they reveal the location of the falling star. The point of impact of the falling star is in the Mistwood. This forest lies in the eastern region of Limgrave, near Fort Haight.

The exact location of the impact is marked on the map with a circle, and it is to the Southwest of a minor Erdtree in the region.

To reach Mistwood, fast travel to the First Step or Church of Elleh site of grace in Elden Ring. From there, travel east by following the location marked on the map. Mistwood contains scary and powerful wildlife, so get ready for challenges. If you have already been to Fort Haight, use its site of grace and travel West to reach the newly opened crater.


What is underneath the fallen Radahn star in Elden Ring

The massive star, on impact, opened a gaping hole in the earth, leading to one of the hidden cities, Nokron. To enter this hole and reach its bottom safely, players need the help of their trusty steed, Torrent. The falling star, still affected by Radahn’s gravity-defying magic, impacted the shattered stones, turning them into suspended platforms.

Use these floating blocks of the earth as stepping stones to make your way down into Nokron, the eternal city in Elden Ring. This is where players can progress Ranni’s side quest to find one of the coolest looking weapons, Moonlight Greatsword.

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