Diablo 4 Conjuration Sorcerer Build Guide

The Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4 focuses using Frost, Flame, and Hydra skills. You'll be a powerhouse. Here's how to make it

The Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4 is considered to be one of the best builds for any character in the game.

It provides you with a crazy amount of burning damage from your Hydras. It also performs really well in high-tier nightmare dungeons, solo dungeons, and even in groups. 

You will have to play on the defensive with this build and utilize the attack skills such as freeze and burn. These will end up boosting your Crit damage and Intelligence for your specific build as well. 

So if you want to wreck your enemies then you can opt for the Conjuration Sorcerer Build. Some of the skills used in it are also present in the Charged Bolts Build as well in Diablo 4. So if you have that build, you’ll have little trouble switching over.

Skill Tree Distribution 

This Skill Tree contains all the skills which you will require for this build. It will help you dominate anything the game sends your way.

You’ll have no trouble as you take out elite enemies and bosses alike using your Endgame Conjuration Sorcerer Build. These skills include active skills, modifiers, and passive will help you in achieving those results in Diablo 4. 

  • Frost Bolt (Rank 2) 
  • Ice Shards (Rank 2) 
    • Enhanced Ice Shards 
      • Shimmering Ice Shards 
  • Flame Shield (Rank 1) 
    • Enhanced Flame Shield  
      • Shimmering Flame Shield 
  • Teleport (Rank 1) 
    • Enhanced Teleport  
      • Shimmering Teleport 
  • Glass Canyon (Rank 3) 
  • Frost Nova (Rank 5) 
    • Enhanced Frost Nova 
      • Mystical Frost Nova 
  • Hydra (Rank 1) 
    • Enhanced Hydra 
      • Summoned Hydra  
  • Ice Blades (Rank 5) 
    • Enhanced Ice Blades 
      • Summoned Ice Blades 
  • Conjuration Mastery (Rank 3) 
  • Align the Elements (Rank 3) 
  • Protection (Rank 3)  
  • Lightening Spear 
    • Enhanced Lightning Spear 
      • Invoked Lightning Spear 
  • Inner Flames (Rank 1) 
  • Devouring Blaze (Rank 3) 
  • Deep Freeze (Rank 1)  
    • Prime Deep Freeze 
      • Supreme Deep Freeze 
  • Permafrost (Rank 3) 
  • Hoarfrost (Rank 3) 
  • Icy Touch (Rank 3) 
  • Esu’s Ferocity 

Unlock Order 

Starting with the Skill tree for your build, you’ll begin with your Basic Skill which will be Frost Bite in Diablo 4. This way you will be able to freeze your enemies.

Right after you spent points in this skill, you should go with unlocking the Ice Shards skills. This way you will end up dealing increased damage to Frozen Enemies. 

For the defensive part of your build your main active skill will be the Flame Shield as it will grant you movement speed and heal a certain percentage of your life as well. Then you can grab the Shimmering Flame Shield which can increase your survival chances by healing you in D4. 

Next, you are going to want the Teleport skill unlocked for your build to help you escape from getting overwhelmed. Moreover, you will gain damage reduction after using this skill which can be really helpful when fighting powerful enemies.

After choosing this skill you can then unlock the Shimmering Teleport to increase the Damage Reduction for your Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4. 

As your sorcerer build has a lot of burning damage so you will need the Elemental Attunement for resetting the cooldown on your defensive skill. This is necessary in case you need an additional flame chain.

Next, you should invest in three ranks of Glass Cannon. This will allow you to deal a significant percentage of increased damage. 

Your next pick should be the Frost Nova and along with that you will be needing that vulnerable modifier, so add Mystical Frost Nova. Make sure to pour as many points as you can in Frost Nova because it will lower your cooldown.  

The Precision Magic will further contribute towards increasing your lucky hit chance. Then you can spend your point in Hydra which will allow you to burn enemies for an additional percentage. You also need to have Summoned Hydra as it will provide increased burn damage coupled with base damage.

After this, you can simply move to invest skill points in Ice Blades. Its modifier Enhanced Ice Blades will further lower the cooldown reduction for the other skills of your Conjuring Sorcerer Build. 

By having Inner Flames paired with your defensive skills you can inflict damage from range and it aids your Pyromancy skills. Moreover, adding Devouring Flames next will deal increased Critical Strike damage against those burning enemies in Diablo 4.   

So lastly for your Ultimate Skills, your go-to option should be the Deep Freeze which goes well with the Nova Frost. It will provide immunity when the latter wears down. In short, it will cut the cooldown of your Conjuration Sorcerer Build in half. 

Gameplay and Skill Rotations 

So once your battle starts with Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4, begin with casting Ice Blades. This will damage enemies and even make them Vulnerable for a short period. 

During this, you need to keep one Hydra up as you will also want to inflict fire damage on nearby enemies. After this, your play should be to cast other spells. Remember to cast your defensive skill Frost Nova to freeze the nearby enemies. 

Keep repeating this attack strategy and you will be able to clear out hordes of elite enemies with relative ease in D4 with your Conjuration Sorcerer Build. 

Gems, Stats, and Modifiers 

In Diablo 4, you can add gems into sockets by dropping them onto socketable gear items. This way you can gain those additional bonuses to your Conjuration Sorcerer Build. Apart from this, you can also upgrade your gems and this will grant even more bonuses as well. 

As such, you should select the Ruby option to be socketed into your armor. It provides you with a boost to your Maximum Life and gives you more survivability. 

Moving onto the Jewelry section, you should go with the option of fitting the skull gems onto them. This way your defense will increase for your Conjuration Sorcerer Build. 

Lastly, the Emerald Gem is a good option for your weapons, as it will increase the critical damage you instill on those Vulnerable enemies in D4.   

Gear Gem Effects 
Armor  Ruby Adds to your Maximum life 
Jewelry Skull Elevates your defense capabilities by adding Armor. 
Weapon  Emerald Increases Critical Damage to Vulnerable enemies   

Stat Increases

Looking towards the core stats for your Conjuration Sorcerer Build your first and foremost choice should be Intelligence. This way you will end up increasing the skill damage and resistance to all elements.

Next, you can select Willpower because you will need that increase in resource generation. Furthermore, it will somewhat increase the healing received for your respective sorcerer build. 

Dexterity will be placed at last, as you will want to increase your critical strike chance along with those evasion chances. This will bring your Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4 together. 

So the core stat requirement shall be as follows: 

Intelligence > Willpower > Dexterity 

After selecting these core stats you can then move forward with choosing the right modifiers next. You will want to use those modifiers which will increase the efficiency of your build. These will include: 

  1. Increase critical strike chance 
  2. Increase Damage to Burning 
  3. Damage Reduction from Burning 
  4. Increased Critical Strike Chance 
  5. Cooldown Reduction 
  6. Increase movement speed 
  7. Resistance to All Elements 

Legendary Aspects 

So to enhance the stats on your Conjuration Sorcerer you can pair it with the best Sorcerer Aspects in Diablo 4.

To begin with, you can equip the Aspect of Might with your basic skill. This way you will gain a certain percentage of damage reduction when you use your skills. 

After that, you can go with the option of pairing the Storm Swell Aspect for your build. This way you will end up dealing increased damage on Vulnerable enemies. But for this to occur you need to have your barrier active

If you want increased mobility and attack speed build then you should simply select the Rapid Aspect for your basic skills. However, it will consume your mana in return so be mindful of that. 

The Edgemaster’s Aspect will make sure that you deal increased damage onto the enemies when you are full on Primary Resources. 

Lastly, the Aspect of Control is also a good pick as it inflicts more damage on to Frozen and Stunned enemies. Since you have your ultimate Deep Freeze, this Aspect will work off of that. 

Unique Items

Now we will ensure that you make the right choices from the best Unique Items in Diablo 4. As such there are two options that can be used with your Conjuration Sorcerer Build. These include: 

Harlequin Crest  

This unique helm provides damage reduction to a certain extent in D4. Apart from that you also get to add a few ranks to your skills. You will also get a significant boost in resource generation and your base health as well. 

Furthermore, your ability cooldowns also get reduced. This way you can utilize other skills more easily. 

Iceheart Brais

For your second unique item, you can choose the Iceheart Brais which is arguably one of the best Sorcerer Unique Items in Diablo 4. This sacred unique item increases your chances of survival by restoring some percentage of your resources when you get injured.  

It grants you increased intelligence along with increasing the damage you inflict on Frozen enemies. Lastly, it also increases the freeze duration, and dead enemies that are frozen have a small chance of releasing a Frost Nova.  

Paragon Boards and Glyphs 

So to get the most out of your Conjuration Sorcerer Build you need to invest the right Paragon Points into completing those Paragon Boards. This will make your build more formidable in Diablo 4. 

Select the shortest routes on these boards while keeping your focus on those Rare nodes and Glyph sockets mentioned below. These will add to the core foundations of your sorcerer build.

You can go with the following boards for your Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4. 

Starting Board 

  • Glyph: Conjurer 

Board #2 

  • Glyph: Control 
  • Board Attachment Gate: Enchantment Master 

Board #3 

  • Glyph: Reinforced Glyph 
  • Board Attachment Gate: Elemental Summoner 

Board #4 

  • Glyph: Exploit 
  • Board Attachment Gate: Searing Heat 

Board #5 

  • Glyph: Territorial  
  • Board Attachment Gate: Burning Instinct 

In your initial levels, your priorities should be the Conjurer, Control, and Exploit glyphs. These will help your sorcerer build until you unlock more paragon points in Diablo 4. 

After you cross that level you should set your focus on other glyphs for your Ultimate Conjuration Sorcerer Build in Diablo 4. These will include glyphs like Conjurer, Reinforced, and Elementalist.  

Elixir and Incense  

The use of Elixirs and Incense is a must as these increase your chances of survivability during hard fights in Diablo 4. You should always remember to stock some elixirs and incense as well. 

So looking towards the options for Elixirs, you can go with the following: 

Elixir Effects 
Elixir of Cruelty  grants an additional Critical Strike Chance of (15 percent), with some experience 
Elixir of Savagery Increase your Critical Strike chance massively and in return you also end up gaining some experience. 

Similarly for the Incense, you should keep the following options in mind for your Conjuration Sorcerer Build. These include: 

Incense Effects 
Song of the Mountain increases some of the max life by(200) for each nearby player.  
Reddamine Buzz the max life increases massively for each nearby player in Diablo 4. 

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