Baldur’s Gate 3 Retrieve Omeluum Quest Guide

Retrieve Omeluum quest in BG3 takes place inside Iron Throne prison and it allows you to save the only friendly Mind Flayer in the game.

Retrieve Omeluum is a minor quest in BG3 which takes place during the third act of the game. Unlike rest of the mind flayers in the game, there is actually a friendly one named Omeluum. We first encounter him in the myconid colony to help him with his investigation of Illithid parasite. However, he disappears once he brews you a potion but ultimately fails to heal you. 

In this guide, we will investigate the mysterious disappearance of the only friendly Mind Flayer and try to bring him back to his friends. Retrieve Omeluum can bug or simply fail by a lot of things. We recommend that you don’t steal Githyanki egg and hand it over to Esther. Blowing up Steelwatch foundry also fails this quest prematurely.

How to start Retrieve Omeluum quest

To start the Retrieve Omeluum quest in BG3, you first need to travel to the Society of Brilliance Lodge. This lodge is famous for giving sanctuary to creatures from the Underdark. Once you are inside the lodge, find and talk to Blurg. He will tell you that his friend and BG3 Omeluum have been missing for some time now. Talking to Blurg will automatically start the quest. 

You can also start the Retrieve Omeluum quest in BG3 by going to Iron Throne prison to save Wyll’s father. Once there you can find Omeluum in a cell, and it will trigger the quest. However, there is a chance that Omeluum will not appear if you don’t talk to Blurg first.

How to Retrieve Omeluum in Baldur’s Gate 3

Omeluum was captured by Lord Gartash’s people and is now kept Iron Throne prison so they can experiment on him. The only way to reach this area is by finding a ship that can take you underwater. To find a submarine, you first need to travel to Grey Harbour Docks (X: -172, Y: -148) which are located to the South of Baldur’s Gate waypoint and Southwest of Lower City central wall. 

Use lockpick or spells to unlock the steel doors. Go to the left corner at (X: -165, Y: -142) to find some wooden blocks. Remove these blocks to discover a closed hatch. Once you enter the hatch, go forward to reach Flymm Cargo’s basement. Keep going straight and turn left to reach the docks. Either talk to the submersive owner there or use invisibility to enter the submersive. This makes you one step closer towards retrieving Omeluum in BG3.


Once inside the submersive. Lord Gortash will give you a warning about blowing up Iron Throne prison. Ignore his warning and dock at the Iron Throne. You will hear Omeluum’s voice inside your head. Select the following option. 

  • “Where are you?” 

This will mark his location on your map. You have very limited time and only 6 turns to retrieve the prisoners. We recommend Wyll’s father and Omeluum as the highest priority. Disband your party and send them to find Wyll’s father while you must go to retrieve Omeluum in BG3.

Make sure to use Misty Jump and Haste spells a lot. Bring minions if you have any or use Greater Invisibility to avoid any encounters. Omeluum’s cell is to the Southwest of your starting point. He is restrained and you need to free him first (X: -38, Y:19). Luckily, he has a spell that can instantly send you back to the submarine, saving precious moves. 

Ignore any companions for now as you can always revive them later with the help of Withers. Just make sure all the prisoners are inside the submarine and you are too. If you survive this gauntlet, everything will be fine. Take the prisoners back to the surface and it will complete Retrieve Omeluum quest in BG3. It will also allow you to progress Wyll’s quest.


Rewards for completing the Retrieve Omeluum quest in BG3 include membership to Society of Brilliance and a key to an unknown treasure. What were you expecting for your chivalrous act? Some gold or unique gear? Well, better luck next time.

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