Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Light Weapons

If your character in Baldur's Gate 3 is proficient in light weapons then we have some great options for you to equip.

Light weapon property in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to wield two lightweight items simultaneously in the game. Unlike other properties, there is a long list of weapon classes having the Light property. It includes pretty much all from Melee to Short range and even the Long Range weapons as well. Some of the best light weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 that can be dual-wielded are included below.

#1 Torch of Revocation

Torch of Revocation is one of the best light weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3 and falls under the Very Rare rarity. This Club weapon can deal a 1d3+1 Bludgeoning damage and requires no specific proficiency mastery to operate it.

The Mystic Carrion drops this weapon during the Find Mystic Carrion’s Servant quest at the Philgrave’s Mansion. Having 0.9 weight and +1 Weapon Enchantment, Torch of Revocation Club can also cause an additional +1d4 Necrotic damage when used with the Necrotic spell.

#2 Rhapsody

Rhapsody is one of the Daggers possessing the Light weapon properties. Rhapsody is a very rare dagger that can provide 1d4+1 damage to enemies. This melee weapon does not require you to master any of the proficiency to use it. Along with the Light, it also has the Finesse and Thrown weapon properties as well.

This dagger can be found during Astarion’s The Pale Elf quest in Cazador’s dungeon. It is dropped by Cazador Szarr. It has the Sweet Bloodletting skill associated with it allowing it to bleed out the enemy when attacked while being invisible or hiding. Additionally, Rhapsody also helps in gaining the Piercing Strike proficiency in the game.

#3 Dragon’s Grasp

There are a total of 5 Handaxes having the Light Property. All these axes also have the Thrown property as well. Dragon Grasp is the best one among these 5. It can provide 1d6 Slashing physical damage to the enemy. It is a simple melee weapon which means it does not require mastering any proficiency to use it.


In addition to the base damage, Dragon’s Grasp also has the ability to deal +1d4 Slashing damage to burning targets. You can find this weapon by the merchant Arron located at The Hollow in Druid Grove. It also helps in getting the Lacerate action which makes the opponent bleed to death.

#4 Skybreaker

Some of the Light Hammers also make it on the list of Light weapons and Skybreaker is the best among them. Like the Handaxes, all the Light Hammers also have the Thrown weapon property as well. Skybreaker is an uncommon melee weapon and does not demand any specific proficiency requirement.

To get your hands on this weapon, you need to visit and power up the Arcane Tower. It can be found inside a chest near the entrance. This hammer can be dual-wielded with some long-range pike or bow to make a perfect build for both the melee and the ranged combat.

With a 1d4+1 Bludgeoning base damage, Skybreaker is also capable of providing 1d6 fire damage with the Searing Smite effect. It also helps in getting the Concussive Smash action which can stun the opponent upon hitting with full power.

#5 Thorn Blade

The next on the list of Light Weapons in the BG3 is the Thorn Blade belonging to the Scimitars class. Unlike all the weapons discussed above, Thorn Blade has the Martial proficiency requirement in order to operate it. Thorn Blade is a rare melee weapon and has 1d6+2 base damage.

In addition, it can also deal additional poison damage with the Ensnaring Strike spell ranging between 1 and 4 by concentrating the melee attack. It can be acquired by the merchant Dammon in the Last Light Inn. The Thorn Blade also helps in unlocking the Flourish and Lacerate proficiency unlocks which are quite helpful in off-balancing the opponent.

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