How To Rest In Baldur’s Gate 3 

Knowing how to rest will save your life in Baldur's Gate 3, literally in some cases. It's one of the most important mechanics in the game.

Resting is a unique mechanic to Baldur’s Gate 3, where your characters can relax, sleep, and recover both health and spell slots. You can also talk to your companions and attempt to pursue relationships. All this is done via the menu on the bottom right of the screen. You must be outside combat and in a safe space to rest.

There are two kinds of rests in the game. Short rest and long rest. Both have their specific uses and mechanics. Knowing how to rest in Bg3 and the differences between them is important to take full advantage of them.

Short Rest in Bg3

Short resting is a great way to regain health quickly in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Warlock class can recover its spell slots by short resting, but other casters may not. To use it, First, open the rest menu by clicking on it. Then you will notice an icon with 2 green glowing dots on the top. That is the short rest option. Select it to begin your short rest.  

But be wary, as you can only take 2 short rests in a day. After that, you must replenish them by taking a long rest.  

Taking long rest in Baldurs Gate 3 

Long rest as you make proper camp and sleep the night. This will recover all your hit points and spell slots. To take a long rest, first, click on the Rest Menu. Select the option that has a crescent moon symbol on it. Once you do this, you will be returned to your campsite—where you can interact with your fellow companions and rest. To start a long rest, select your bedroll and interact with it. This will let you snooze and wake up refreshed with your health and spell slots recovered.

Long rests end the current day cycle. So be aware of any timed events or time-sensitive quests you may have undertaken. You will also need 40 supplies for long rest, so ensure you have them before rest. 


Differences between short and long rests

These are the major differences between long and short rest in Baldurs Gate 3. Both have their uses, so knowing when and where to use them is important.

Short Rest

  • Can only be used 2 times per day 
  • Can be used at any point, out of combat
  • Regain a small amount of health for every character 
  • Allows warlocks to regain their spell slots 
  • Resets certain limited-use abilities

Long Rest

  • Can be used at any point out of combat
  • Requires 40 supplies to reap full benefits
  • Regains all health, and spell slots for all characters and classes
  • Progress time by 1 day
  • Resets all limited-use abilities
  • Allows you to change your party composition
  • You can have in-depth dialogue with companions
  • You can revive dead characters at the campsite

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