All Astarion Endings In Baldur’s Gate 3

Depending on your choices, you can have several possible Astarion endings in Baldur's Gate 3.

Astarion is a High-Elf Rogue in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is one of the main characters you’ll find shortly after crashing the Nautiloid. He’s a vampire with a traumatic but fulfilling storyline, which ends in him taking revenge on his former master. You’ll be presented with several choices when this happens that impact the ending Astarion gets in his story.

Below, we have given all Asarion Endings in Bg3:

Convince Astarion to not Ascend

Once you defeat Cazador, Astarion will want to perform the Ascension ritual and become a vampire Ascendant in this ending in Baldur’s Gate 3. A choice will pop up where you can convince Astarion not to perform the Ascension ritual.

Choose the option to persuade and pass the checks, and Astarion will back down. He will kill Cazador but will not finish the work his master started. Afterward, when you meet him in camp, he will thank you for convincing him. He will say he now has hope that he can be someone else than what his master was.

Allow Astarion to Ascend

If you help perform the ritual, Astarion will become a Vampire Ascendant and get various powers in this ending in Baldur’s Gate 3. However, doing so sacrifices all the people holed up in their cells, all the 7000 souls Cazador had collected.

Astarion can walk in the sun, perform various vampiric spells, and use the Ascendant’s Bite. This buffs his vampiric bite and deals an additional 1d10 Necrotic Damage. He also becomes

Astarion Romance Good Ending

While inside Cazador’s dungeon, you must Insight check Astarion to reveal that he wants to complete the ritual as he fears being powerless. He believes with the ritual, he will be strong and no longer afraid. This is due to his trauma. However, you can talk Astarion out of this situation and convince him that he’s better than his master. He will snap out of it and stop but will kill Cazador.

Visit the camp and talk to Astarion later, and he confess his love for you. During the game’s ending sequence, you can venture into the world in search of the cure or settle down with Astarion and lead the vampires in the Underdark. Choose whatever suits you best.

Astarion Romance Bad Ending

You can allow Astarion to turn you into a vampire for the bad ending in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is only possible if you let him complete the ritual. However, this only causes him to be extremely possessive towards you, and not in a good way. Astarion becomes apathetic, uncaring, and selfish. He walks the same path as Cazador.

Fate of the spawns 

The fate of the spawns solely depends upon your choices. If Astarion ascends, they will all die but if he does not ascend, you can decide what happens to them.

Release the spawns

Although this choice will prevent Ulma from being happy, you can release the spawns. Astarion’s fellow vampire siblings will take them into the Underdark where they can live in peace.

Killing the spawns

If you choose to kill the spawns, Ulma will be happy but Astarion’s sibling and your party members will disapprove.

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