10 Best Weapons In Days Gone

You need the best weapons to slay all those mindless zombies in Days Gone.

Surviving the post-apocalypse in Days Gone can be tough if you don’t have the right tools. While your trusty motorbike can get you from point A to B, your weapons will ultimately allow you to come out on top.

In this guide, we’ll cover the 10 best weapons you can get in Days Gone. We’ll be ranking the weapons based on their stats, uses, and effectiveness. Before we begin, it is important to note that this guide only considers the Mil-Spec (level 4) and Special Forces (Level 5) versions of weapons.

10. Drifter Crossbow

How to acquire: Complete the mission “No One Saw It Coming” from the “Gear Up for The Ride” storyline.

Cost: none.

The Drifter Crossbow kicks off our list of the top 10 best weapons in Days Gone. This weapon excels at range and has some of the highest accuracy in the game, allowing you to easily pick off enemies from a distance. The most significant advantage of this weapon, however, is the different craftable bolts it can use, which lends it an unparalleled level of versatility.

The standard bolts are perfect for stealing as they are completely silent, while the residue bolts allow you to turn enemies against each other. The explosive and fire bolts blow up targets and set them ablaze while the Poison bolts let you chip away at enemy health over time.

This is a great long-range weapon to have if you’re looking to change up your combat style from encounter to encounter.

9. Lil’ Stubby

How to acquire: Reach level 1 trust with Wizard Island Camp.

Cost: 2,250 credits.

Lil’ Stubby is a sawed-off lever-action shotgun whose strengths lie in damage and range. It is perfect for close-quarters combat situations due to its devastating damage output, which allows it to one-shot most standard enemies.

This sidearm has a considerable lack of accuracy which means that it cannot be used effectively at range, additionally, its magazine size is also on the lower end but it can still be a powerful piece of armament if you use it correctly and appropriately.

8. SMP9

How to acquire: Eliminate 4 hordes.

Cost: none.

The SMP9 takes the eighth spot on our list. This SMG has the highest rate of fire out of any gun in the game, which, when coupled with its high range and accuracy, makes for a devastating combination.

It can be used both at range and in close-quarter situations, making it a viable and highly reliant weapon in most cases. The only downside of this weapon is its low magazine, which has a capacity of just 50. Due to the SMP9’s high rate of fire, you’ll burn through it very quickly.

7. The Mayor

How to acquire: Complete the mission “For the Benefits of Others” from the “We’ve all Done Things” storyline.

Cost: none.

The Mayor is a revolver in Days Gone best known for its immaculate range and damage. While this gun may not be the best at taking down hordes or large enemies, it is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to quickly picking off targets from a distance.

In many ways, it can even replace a sniper and has the potential to one-shot most enemies. It does suffer from a small magazine size of just 6, but like the Lil’ Stubby, if you can use it correctly and appropriately, there is no other weapon like it.

6. .50 BFG

How to acquire: Reach level 2 trust with Wizard Island Camp.

Cost: 3000 Credits

Perhaps the best sniper in the game, the .50 BFG is a devastating heavy weapon that can chew off large chunks of health off of all enemy types. Its damage, range, accuracy, penetration, and stopping power are all extremely high leaving little room for any shortcomings.

Its rate of fire is slightly low compared to its other attributes, but that’s to be expected given the .50 BFG’s type of weapon. If you want to deal tons of damage at range, there is no better weapon than the .50 BFG.

5. Auto Shotgun

How to acquire: Eliminate 10 hordes.

Cost: none.

Starting the top five of the best weapons in Days Gone is the Auto Shotgun. Unlike the Lil’ Stubby, this weapon has a high rate of fire and a sizeable magazine, allowing you to effectively take on hordes. The high stopping power also means that you’ll be able to get in several collateral kills

The accuracy of the Auto Shotgun is quite low, but that is to be expected. The best use of this gun is in close-quarters situations, though it isn’t too bad at range either.

4. The Cowboy

How to acquire: Reach level 1 trust with Wizard Island Camp.

Cost: 1000 credits.

The Cowboy is a long-range marksman rifle that excels at stopping power and accuracy. If you struggle with effectively using scopes or if you just want a good long-range, hard-hitting weapon with no scope, this weapon is the way to go.

Unlike snipers, The Cowboy can be used both at a medium and long range, allowing you a little more leeway during combat.

3. MG 55

How to acquire: Eliminate 24 hordes.

Cost: none.

The MG 55 is one of the best machine guns in Days Gone and it takes the third spot on our list. Its high rate of fire, accuracy, and range make it one of the best weapons to take out large hordes of infected. Its penetration and stopping power are on the lower end but all its other stats more than make up for it.

2. IDF Pup

How to acquire: Eliminate 20 hordes.

Cost: none.

The IDF Pup is a rifle that excels at range, accuracy, and rate of fire. This weapon has some of the lowest recoil of any weapon in the game. Coupled with the high rate of fire, this means you’ll be taking down enemies almost instantly.

It has a sizeable magazine size too, allowing you to get in a good few kills before you have to reload, though this weapon does suffer from a low stopping power stat and a low penetration stat.

1. Chicago Chopper

How to acquire: Reach level 2 trust with Wizard Island Camp.

Cost: 3,000 credits.

The coveted first spot on the list goes to the Chicago Chopper, an SMG modeled after the Tommy gun. Like the SMP9, it has the highest rate of fire stat in the entire game. it works well for both long-range and close-quarters combat, given its high accuracy.

The Chopper is perhaps the best weapon when it comes to taking out hordes due to its versatility, letting you pick off targets from a distance and also letting you get out of sticky situations should you get swarmed with enemies.

This weapon also has a very high magazine capacity of 80, which lets you take out many enemies before you have to initiate a reload. Overall, this weapon is the best all-arounder in the game, excelling in every situation.

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