All Tabantha Frontier Shrine Locations In Zelda: TOTK

Below the Hebra Mountains lie a total of 8 Tabantha Frontier Shrines in Zelda: TotK. Here are all of their locations along with maps.

Shrines are back in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and this time along with providing a lot of different rewards and granting access to fast travel points, they also give you a cool costume if you find all of them.

However, the problem is that there are 152 different Shrines in Zelda: TotK, and finding all of them can become quite hectic and time-consuming, it would help to complete them region by region while doing such.

As such, if you are trying to find all of the Tabantha Frontier Shrine locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, then you have come to the right place. In order to break down the locations even further, we will first discuss all the Shrine in the Tabantha Frontier Sky, and then on the surface.

Where to find the Tabantha Frontier Sky Shrines in Zelda: TotK

There are only two Shrines in the Tabantha Frontier Sky region.

1) Ga-Ahisas Shrine

The Ga-Ahisas Shrine is one of the three Shrines that are located at the far western end of the Sky. The Shrine is located at the coordinates -3596, 0961, 1699.

This place is directly above Nero Hill on the Surface, right next to the Iun Orok Shrine. Finding Shrines in the Sky is fairly easy, but the hard part is getting to it because you pretty much have to glide from island to island.


The island that the Ga-Ahisas Shrine sits on (Light Cast Island) is fairly large so it won’t be hard to miss. Furthermore, it also has another miniature island at the center of it where the Shrine is located.

To get to the Shrine, you must first make your way over to the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and reach the Sky. Upon pulling out your paraglider, you must glide in the northern direction toward the North Tabantha Sky Archipelago.

Up ahead you should see a small island with a tower on it. You must land on this island and go to the platform on the left. This platform will take you toward the Shrine, but you must first pick up the rockets you need to launch from the platform on the right.

Once the platform is ready to go, take it in the direction of the Shrine using the coordinates. The island that comes up ahead is a giant rock ball. Land on this ball, then move to the other end and jump off it.

Now, you must open up your glider and continue gliding toward your target. The island that comes up ahead is the one that holds the Ga-Ahisas Shrine. You must first drop down onto the stone launcher and use it to get to the upper level to reach the Shrine.

2) Ganos Shrine

The Ganos Shrine is also located in the Tabantha Frontier Sky Archipelago, on the island just south of the Light Cast Island, where you found the Ga-Ahisas Shrine. The exact location of this Shrine is given by coordinates -3370, 0467, 1709.

This island is reached in the same way you reach the Ga-Ahisas Shrine. First, you must launch yourself into the Sky from the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and then glide your way toward the shrine.

You will first reach the island with the platform that will take you vertically up. Use that platform to gain some height and then continue your journey to the rock ball. Next, head toward the other end of the ball and make your way toward the Shrine’s island by following the coordinates.

Where to find the Tabantha Frontier Surface Shrines in Zelda: TotK

There are a total of 6 Shrines to be found on the Surface Tabantha Frontier.

1) Gatakis Shrine

The Gatakis Shrine is located on a small island surrounded by Lake Totori – the Rito Village. This location is right at the heart of the Tabantha Frontier region, at coordinates –3642, 1798, and 0168.

There are three major points of interest that are near this Shrine. The West Lake Totori Cave is located at its west; the Brightcap Cave is located at its east, and the Rospro Pass Skyview Tower at its north.

To find the Gatakis Shrine, you can enter the Rito Village from the east, across the path leading away from Tabantha Hills. While making your way across this path, you will first come across a Lucky Clover Gazette. From there, you can find a broken bridge that holds a wind tunnel.

You can use the wind tunnel to shoot yourself up and then glide towards the coordinates mentioned above to reach the Gatakis Shrine.

2) Ikatak Shrine

The Ikatak Shrine is located on the Southwestern end of the Tabantha Frontier region, right above Giza Crater Impact Point. Furthermore, this Shrine is directly southwest of the Gatakis Shrine, next to Nero Hill and Strock Lake.

You can either reach this Shrine by taking the road leading west from the Tabantha Bridge Stable and crossing the bridge. Not far from here is a broken-down pillar, from where you should head left to witness the Ikatak Shrine in the distance.

3) Iun-Orok Shrine

Just southeast of the Ikatak Shrine, we have the Iun-Orok Shrine in Zelda: TotK. This Shrine is located inside a valley formed by Nero Hill and Piper Ridge. The specific coordinates of the Shrine’s location are -3308,  0789, and -0100.

Though this may be right between the valley, the Iun Orok Shrine is located underground inside a cave. This cave is the Tanager Canyon West Cave, and its entrance is located due northwest of Piper Ridge.

To reach the entrance of this cave, the easiest route you can take is the one that leads southwest from Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. However, you will have to glide from the tower toward the coordinates.

4) Mayausiy Shrine

The Mayausiy Shrine is located in the northern corner of the ravine that stretches across Hyrule, separating the Tabantha Frontier and the Hyrule Ridge in Zelda: TotK. More precisely, this Shrine is located inside the Forgotten Temple in Tears of the Kingdom.

Thankfully, its coordinates aren’t forgotten, and are as follows; -1163, 2604, 0086. Reaching the Mayausiy Shrine is simple as all you have to do is reach the Forgotten Temple in the northeast corner of the ravine and half the job is done.

To do that, you can either follow the road leading north from the South Tabantha Snowfield or the Salari Plain, as both link up at the end. Near the end, you must glide down into the invagination after spotting the Forgotten Temple.

5) Nouda Shrine

The Nouda Shrine is not very far from the Mayausiy Shrine. It is located just southeast of it, in between the Tabantha Village Ruins and the South Tabantha Snowfield.

The Nouda Shrine is located inside the Kopeeki Drifts Cave at coordinates -2319, 2200, and 0173 in Zelda: TotK. The easiest way you can reach this location is via a horse from the Snowfield Stables. Simply grab a horse and make your way through Kopeeki Drifts to reach the cave entrance,

6) Oromuwak Shrine

The Oromuwak Shrine is located just east of the Gatakis Shrine we talked about before. The main point of interest next to this Shrine is the Brightcap Cave, located just before the Kolami Bridge beside Strock Lake.

To reach the Oromuwak Shrine at coordinates -3075, 1615, and 0243, you can start from Rito Village and head out from the east entrance. Leading away from the bridge should be three different paths.

You need to take the path in the middle and head a couple of steps up it to reach the Oromuwak Cave. Do note that it is surrounded by thorns, which makes it pretty easy to spot from a distance. You can remove the thorns with Fire Fruit to clear a path for the Shrine.

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