Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Ikatak Shrine Walkthrough

While traveling across the vast lands of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you are bound to come across many Shrines. They are a returning feature from Zelda: Breath of the Wilds and work in pretty much the same manner.  

Every Shrine you find in Zelda: TotK comes with a puzzle that needs solving – but solving that puzzle also reaps some amazing rewards. You can increase your total Hearts and Stamina by activating different Shrines across the world.

Since there are a total of 152 Shrines scattered across the world, finding all Shrines can be a difficult task. However, it becomes much easier when you start to tackle them one by one.

That said, this complete walkthrough for the Ikatak Shrine should help you open up the Ikatak Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to find the Ikatak Shrine in Zelda: TotK

Ikatak Shrine map location in Tears of the Kingdom

The Ikatak Shrine is located all the way in the western outskirts of the map – the Tabantha Frontier Region in Tears of the Kingdom.

While in this region, you will find the Ikatak Shrine situated on a withered plane just atop the Gisa Crater Impact Point.


The Ikatak Shrine’s Coordinates are as follows:

  • X: -3950
  • Y: 1138
  • Z: 0112

This location is directly west of Nero Hill and the Strock Lake, so it shouldn’t be that hard to find. Additionally, you can find the Gisa Crater Cave just to the south of it, from where you can make your way north to reach the Ikatak Shrine’s location.

While there are multiple ways of reaching this location, perhaps the best way to reach it is via the bridge leading away from the Tabantha Bridge Stable (next to the Makaruki’s Shrine tower)and make your way to the broken down stone pillar ahead.

From there, you can climb down through the opening on the left and make your way forward. You will be able to see the Ikatak Shrine in the distance not far along from that point.

How to open the Ikatak Shrine in Zelda: Totk

Upon arriving at the Ikatak Shrine location, you would be surprised to see that the base is there but the shrine itself is not. That is because first, you have to solve a quest to make the Shrine appear.

The quest linked to the Ikatak Shrine is known as The Gisa Crater Crystal in Tears of the Kingdom. It starts right as you enter the base of the shrine above the crater (the one that holds the green orb).

Simply put, all you have to do to complete this quest is to retrieve a green crystal from inside the crater and bring it back to the surface.

The first step to solving this puzzle is to enter the crater. Near the shrine’s base, you will be able to see two entrances to the crater. You can use any one to get in, but the one to the southwest of the shrine will be the one you will use to exit from the crater.

However, the entrance will be blocked by brown rocks, which you can break apart by throwing Rock Hammers at it. We recommend you do this beforehand, as it is easier to do it here than from inside the crater.

Once you have cleared the opening, jump into the crater and make your way forward. You should see a linear passage leading forward if you have entered from the opening to the southwest.

There will be a Bubblefrog somewhere along this passage. Look out for this monster and slay it with an arrow as quickly as possible. Then, continue along the passage until you reach a small opening to a large area.

Inside this next area reside two Stalkoblin and Ice Likes. To get rid of these Ice Likes, you first have to stun them with either arrows or electricity and then attack them while they are stunned. While you do that, remember to stay out of range as their ice mist can make quick work of you.

Once you are clear of all the enemies, you can start working on the task at hand – retrieving the Gisa Crystal. Inside this crater, look for a green crystal/gem lying on the ground.

Once you find it, grab the Gisa Crystal with Ultrahand and place it right under the opening of the crater. Make sure that the crystal is stable and placed at an angle before you fire it off. This is because if you position it perpendicular to the ground, it may end up falling directly back into the crater.

If so, you will have to teleport back to the shrine to reset everything. After you have carefully placed the crystal on the ground, you must find two rockets nearby. Grab those rockets with Ultrahand and attach them laterally along the Gisa Crystal so they don’t stumble off.

Once everything is done, hit the rocket to shoot it off along with the crystal and hope for the best. If you are lucky, the crystal will have landed at the top of the crater.

Now, you must climb out of the crater back from the southeast entrance and find the Gisa Crystal up top. The final step to complete this quest is the easiest one yet. All you have to do is grab the Crystal with your Ultrahand and carry it towards the shrine until it touches the green orb and place it on the ground.

Upon completion of the quest, a cutscene will play out and the entrance to the Ikatak Shrine will be revealed in Tears of the Kingdom. You won’t find any other puzzles inside the Shrine.

Head inside to the Rauru’s Blessing and open the Treasure Chest to obtain your reward. The Ikatak Shrine’s rewards include a Big Battery and a Light of Blessing.