Zelda: Breath of the Wild Captured Memory Locations

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Captured Memories Locations Guide to help you recover all the lost memories and discover your past.

Having “died” prior to the events of BOTW, Link wakes up in a strange new version of Hyrule in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As it turns out, Link has lost all his memories from before and it is up to players to find these Zelda: Breath of the Wild captured memories locations and liberate them to help Link remember the past.

“Captured Memories” is an optional quest in Zelda Breath of the Wild, where you need to find all of Link’s 13 captured memories. These captured memories are scattered throughout the Hyrule map, and on successfully finding all of these, you will get a bonus scene at the end of the game. Other than these captured memories, there are 6x other memories that the Link will see as the story progresses.

In this Legends of Zelda guide, we will discuss, in detail, how you can get these captured memories in Zelda BOTW. The primary aim is to lead you to the exact locations, as the map images you’ll get in-game won’t be enough.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Captured Memory locations

There are 13 captured memories in Zelda BOTW that you can collect, each having a reference to some past happening. To find these Memories, you first need to talk to Purah in Hateno Village as a part of the ‘Locked Momentos’ quest. Apart from these 13 memories, there are 6 other memories that are unlocked automatically as part of the story.

Impa will tell you about the “Captured Memories” only if you have talked to Purah, so ensure you have done that before coming to Impa.

As you talk to Impa, you will be given 12 pictures on your Sheikah Slate, which Link himself once took. Using these pictures, you must head to 12 locations to finally find all 13 locked memories in Zelda BOTW.

Memory #1 location – Sacred Ground Ruins

The first captured memory is in Sacred Ground Ruins near the Katah Chuki Shrine. To reach this location, you must enter the Castle, passing through Hyrule Field. Once inside the Castle, you need to go to the Sacred Ground Ruins but be aware that a Guardian will attack you.

Memory #2 location – Lake Kolomo

This one is in Lake Kolomo near the Oman Ou Shrine on the Great Plateau Tower in Zelda Breath of the Wild. As you reach the tower, head towards the Lake. From this location, you can easily see a memory at some distance. Take a paraglider, and you will reach it quickly.

Memory #3 location – Irich Plains

This one is located near the Monya Toma Shrine north of Ridgeland Tower. To reach this memory location, first, teleport to the Shrine location and head toward the kidney-shaped water pool. As you are heading towards that, you will find a vast tree, go near it, and you will find the memory.

Memory #4 location – Ancient Columns

To reach this one, first, go to the Tabatha Bridge. From there, paraglide to the Ancient Columns, and you will find this memory near Tena Ko’sah shrine location in Zelda BOTW. This memory will require you to jump and climb over, but all that is worth it.

Memory #5 location – Kara Kara Bazaar

This tropical memory is an easy one to find. You’ll come across it as you head towards the Gerudo Town to complete Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Keep following the path in the bazaar, and you’ll automatically come across this one.

Memory #6 location – Eldin Canyon

This one is a bit tricky to find as the clue you will get is useless and do nothing except misguide you. To access this, you first need special armor. This memory is located near Eldin Tower. To reach it, wear Fireproof armor and then fly to Eldin Tower, where you’ll find this one.

Memory #7 location – West Necluda

To reach this one, first, go to Great Plateau Tower just like you did in location number 2. And from their head towards the Dueling Peak. As there is a valley beneath, so paraglide to reach the other end, but as you are doing it, you won’t be able to reach it successfully.

As you land on the hill, look for a tree that has a rock base. That is where you’ll find this captured memory in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Memory #8 location – Hyrule Castle

This is the easiest location to reach; however, getting the memory from this location is the hardest. Guardians surround the Castle that you must fight first to reach the location. You should not try this one until and unless you are sure you are good enough dealing with the enemies and have the best gear.

It is best to enter Hyrule Castle from the Moat Bank as the enemies on this side are comparatively lesser than other entries, but still be careful.

Memory #9 location – Spring of Power

This one is the saddest memory of Zelda and is located near Katosa Aug Shrine. At the Shrine location, you must see two different paths heading somewhere. Before these paths join, you will find some little ponds. This is where you can find this memory.

Memory #10 location – Sanidin Park Ruins

To find this memory, you must head toward the Mogg Latan Shrine. The exact location for this one is Sanidin Park Ruins near the Shrine, which has a memory of Zelda’s strengths and history.

Memory #11 location – Lanaryu Road-East Gate

This location has a very painful memory for Zelda. You need to find a stone archway east of Kakariko Village to reach this. From there, go towards the Lake, where you will find another archway. This is where you can find this captured memory.

Memory #12 location – Hyrule Field

From the Hilo Rao Shrine, go towards the north and find a little woodland area. As you reach this area, you will find the rocky outcrop. Go near it, and this memory will be triggered.

Memory #13 location – Ash Swamp

This one is located near Ha Dahamar Shrine but can only be unlocked once you have accessed all other captured memories. After collecting the 12 memories, go to the Karakiro village and tell Impa about this. After this, Impa will head you towards this secret memory east of Dueling Peak stable.

Apart from the captured memories, there are six memories that the Link can get as the story progresses. Here is the list of all those six memories and the locations where you can find them.

Memories Location #14 – Rito Village

To get this, you must begin the main quest, Divine Beast Vah Medoh. During the quest, go to the Rito Village and talk to an Elder there. He will tell you about Temba’s wife. Temba’s wife will tell you about the landing platform, immediately regaining Link’s memory about the champion Revali.

Memories Location #15 – Goron City

You will get this one during the Divine Beast Van Rudania quest. Similarly to the above one, go to the village and talk to an elder person there. He will then show you the gigantic carving of champions on the walls of Goron City. This will memorize the Link about Goron Champion.

Memories Location #16 – Gerudo Town

You will get this one during the Divine Beast Van Naboris quest. Get the Thunder Helm from the Chief and return it to the Riju. All this will memorize the Link about the time he spent with Urbosa.

Memories Location #17 – Zora’s Domian

You will get this one during the Divine Beast Vah Ruta quest. First, talk to the Zora king, then go one level down and talk to Muz. Muz will show Link the statue of Mipha, which will immediately memorize him about Miphia, who was once Zora’s champion.

Memories Location #18 – Korok Forest

You will find this during the main quest, “Hero’s Sword.” Make sure you have 13x hearts containers, as this memory requires you to pull out Master Sword that requires hearts containers. Find the Master sword and then pull it out. As you do it, the Link will finally see the last memory of the open world.

Memories Location #19 – Fort Hateno

For this one, you first need to find all other memories. Look for a Large battlefield picture on Impa’s wall. This location is near Fort Hateno, a large wall near Karakiro village. Near the battlefield, you will find a spot near a vast pool.