Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Side Quests Guide

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Side Quests Guide to help you complete all the possible side-quests in the game and earn different rewards.

Suffice to say, Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive game. In addition to the main storyline, you have the option of taking on a ton of side quests for additional rewards and an excellent opportunity to explore the rich world of Breath of the Wild.

Since there are just too many side quests to complete, we have put together the best ones you can prioritize early on in Breath of the Wild.

Best side quests to do in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The following are the best or must-do side quests in Breath of the Wild. These side quests will give you the best return for your invested time.

A Shady Customer

A Shady Customer side quest in Breath of the Wild

A Shady Customer side quest is given to you by an NPC named Hoz in Breath of the Wild, and before you can participate in this quest, you will have to complete the Camera Rune quest. He will send you to Akkala, specifically the farthest corner of Akkala.

You have to time your visit in a way that you reach there between 9 pm to 5 am. During that time a hot air balloon will appear in the sky. In the balloon will be Kilton, a merchant. Having a conversation with Kilton will unlock the Fand and Bone Shop.

You will be able to trade tons of monster parts here and in exchange, you will get unique and never seen items such as Dark Link Armor.

Only the first interaction with Kilton be a planned one and afterward, he will disappear and will randomly appear outside random towns between the above-mentioned timings. His hot air balloon is the signal that Kilton is nearby.

Hunt For The Giant Horse

You will be traveling a lot. From one region to another, you will always be on the move. Sometimes you will be able to teleport between shrines and if the shrine is not unlocked yet, get ready for some long walks.

Worry not because this side quest will reward you with a horse and not just a horse but a giant horse. It is part of the Hunt for Giant Horse quest. In the Mounted Archery Camp, you will have a conversation with Staria.

He will task you with taming a wild horse, which has been roaming around freely in the Taobab Grassland and doesn’t let anyone ride it. Head straight over to the location and you will immediately spot the horse.

As the name suggests, it is giant and has red hair on its mane. You can easily tame it and register it at the nearest stable.

Slated For Upgrades

Sheikha Tablet is one of the most important items for Link and if you get an opportunity to upgrade it then you should leave no stone unturned. Slated for Upgrades is a side quest that is initiated by talking to Purah in Hanteno Ancient Tech Labs in Breath of the Wild.

Purah will require some Ancient Items such as Ancient Screws, Shafts, and Cores. All of these items are dropped by Guardians and they are by no means easy for but you get to upgrade your Tablet. It is definitely worth all the effort that you have to put into this side quest.

The Stolen Heirloom

If you are in the chill mood and don’t want to do any of the action stuff right now. You come to Paya in Kariko Village. There is no boss fight, no action, just pure problem-solving and roaming around the map exploring.

The Stolen Heirloom side quest is more focused on exploring the world of Zelda and interacting with a bunch of people Don’t worry,  you are not going completely empty-handed. Completing this side quest will unlock a shrine near the town.

The Thunder Helm

For this one, travel to the female-only town of Gerudo in the Gerudo Desert. You will first have to complete the Yiga Clan quest and defeat the Divine Beast Vah Naboris and afterward, when you return to the town upon your victory, you can start the Thunder Helm quest by trying to take the Thunder Helm.

Riju will ask you if you want it and in order to get it, you will have to prove yourself by helping NPCs stuck in the hot desert of Gerudo. The best thing about the thunder helm is that it will make you invincible against lightning-type attacks.

The Secret Club’s Secret

The Secret Club’s Secret is another side quest you can do in the town of Gerudo in Breath of the Wild.

This quest will give you access to a secret club which is actually an armor shop. In order to get inside, you will need a password, which is a bunch of letters and a shape.

You will have to overhear the password while sitting in the bar. Once you have the password, you can go back to the door in the back alley and enter the shop. You will be able to buy the special Radiant Set and Desert Voe Set.

Activate The Giant Fairy Fountains

Freeing Fairies in Zelda: Breath of the Wild allows you to upgrade your armor rank by 4 stars. There are a bunch of Fairies around Hyrule which you can free and earn rewards for it.

Technically, these don’t count as side quests but since Link will be taking on so many difficult opponents, the better gear he has the better it is for him. You can free up Malanya and it will give you the ability to resurrect dead horses who died while being registered under your name.

The Royal White Stallion

You can add another horse to your collection and this time it is no ordinary horse. This white stallion is said to be a direct descendant of Princess Zelda’s horse and is considered one of the best horses in the game in terms of speed and agility.

To get it, you will have to chat with Toffa at Outskirts Stable in Central Hyrule. You will find this stallion in the Safula Hills. He might resist being tamed but eventually, you will be able to tame and register him under your name. You will also be rewarded Royal Bridle and Saddle.

Special Delivery

Why not have a bit of fun and deliver some love letters in your adventure-filled journey love is no less than any adventure. You will find Finley at the Bank of Wishes. He will hand you this love letter which you have to deliver to a merchant.

You will have to take this love letter across the river so make sure you don’t drop it and don’t let it get wet as well.

List of all side quests in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There are a total of 76 side quests in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and you will get tired but you won’t run out of content in BOTW.

To make sure you don’t miss any side quests while visiting a region, we have put together this list of all the side quests in the game, sorted by region.

Hateno Ancient Tech Labs

  • Robbie’ Research
  • Sunshroom Sensing
  • Slated For Upgrades

Hateno Village

  • From the Ground Up
  • Hylian Homeowner
  • The Statue’s Bargain
  • A Gift for My Beloved
  • The Weapon Connoisseur
  • The Sheep Rustlers

Tarrey Town

  • A Parent’s Love
  • Hobbies of the Rich

East Akkala Stable

  • A Shady Customer

South Akkala Stable

  • Little Sister’s Big Request

Lurelin Village

  • Sunken Treasure
  • What’s For Dinner?
  • Take Back The Sea

Kakariko Village

  • Koko’s Kitchen
  • Cooking With Koko
  • Koko Cuisine
  • Koko’s Speciality
  • Playtime with Cottla
  • By Firefly’s Light
  • Flown The Coop
  • The Priceless Maracas
  • Arrows of Burning Heat

Snowfield Stable

Rito Stable

  • Curry For What Ails You
  • Find Kheel
  • Face The Frost Talus
  • The Apple of My Eye
  • The Spark of Romance

Goron City

  • The Jewel Trade
  • The Road To Respect

Goron Hot Spring

  • Death Mountain’s Secret

Southern Mine

  • Fireproof Lizard Roundup

Woodland Stable

  • Balloon Fight

Gerudo Town

Gerudo Canyon Stable

  • Missing in Action
  • Rushroom Rush!

Gerudo Canyon

  • Good-Sized Horse

Kara Kara Bazar

  • An Ice Guy

Great Hyrule Forest

  • A Freezing Rod
  • The Korok Trails
  • Riddles of Hyrule
  • Legendary Rabbit Trail

Zora Domain

Forgotten Temple

  • A Gift From The Monks

Kitano Bay

  • The Hero’s Cache

Dueling Peaks Stable

  • Wild Horse
  • Misko, The Great Bandit

Tuft Mountain

  • A Gift of Nightshade

Mounted Archery Camp

  • Hunt for the Giant Horse

Highland Stable

  • The Horseback Hoodlums

Lakeside Stable

  • Thunder Magnet

Tabantha Bridge Stable

  • A Gift For The Great Fairy

Serenne Stable

Riverside Stable

  • A Royal Recipe
  • The Royal Guard’s Gear

Wetland Stable

  • Riverbed Reward

Outskirt Stable

  • My Hero
  • A Rare Find
  • The Royal White Stallion
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