Where To Find The Yiga Clan In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Yiga clan are one of the main enemies in Zelda Breath of the Wild so defeating their leader is important to recover the Thunder Helm...

Yiga Clan in Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a group of assassins who want to kill Link and the other Champions of Hyrule.

They used to be a part of the Sheikah tribe, but they left it to follow their one and only ruler, Calamity Ganon during the age of calamity.

Yiga clan uses an upside-down Sheikah symbol to represent themselves. This clan is hiding inside a cave in Karusa Valley where you also encounter a boss known as Master Kohga. You need to take him down in order to acquire the Thunder Helm.

To return to the Gerudo Village with this helm, you need to know the exact location of the Yiga Clan hideout so let us get into that.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Yiga Clan hideout location

Yiga clan hideout can be found to the Northwest of Gerudo Desert inside a hidden cave deep within Karusa Valley. The easiest way to get there is via sand seal you can borrow from Kohm inside Gerudo fortress.

Yiga clan hideout location

Entrance to the Yiga Clan pit in Zelda BOTW can only be accessed after starting the Vah Noboris main quest. Otherwise, the main entrance is shut closed by a huge rock and you can’t enter Yiga hideout from anywhere else. Riju, leader of the Gerudo people, will ask you to find and retrieve a family heirloom, Thunder Helm, stolen by the Yiga clan.


Reaching the end of Karusa Valley, you will encounter many obstacles preventing you from reaching the Yiga Clan hideout. Rolling boulders falling out of nowhere and Yiga clan members will be hellbent on stopping you. Use explosive arrows to take down these agile foes.

Yiga clan’s hideout entrance is marked by stones with an inverted Shiekah symbol. Upon entering the hideout, you will reach a grand hall with an Altar containing a duplex bow. There are seven statues in the room with large banners displaying inverted Shiekah tribe symbols.

Equip your bow and light up the arrows with the fire braziers around the stone altar or simply use fire arrows if you have them. Burn down these banners to find various treasures and the entrance to the Yiga Clan hideout.

Where to find Thunder Helm in Zelda BOTW

Upon entering the Yiga Clan pit in Zelda BOTW, you will come across Berta who used to be a Gerudo guard. She has been captured and is being held inside a cage in Yiga’s clan hideout. Berta will provide you with some really valuable information regarding the weakness of Yiga’s elite guards, Blademasters.

These guards can kill Link with one strike (if you try to approach Yiga’s clan hideout early in the game) and call upon reinforcements making it an extremely difficult fight even on higher levels. The only way to avoid Blademasters is to sneak past them or use Bananas to distract them.

Inside the hideout, you will come across a room with lots of Bananas. Use these to distract three Blademasters circling the room. You will reach another room with some Bananas and a chest. Use Magnesis to search for clues.

There are many chests and wooden crates in this area that contain treasures such as sapphire, topaz, ruby opal, and amber. Besides these silver and gold rupees are also found here. Make sure to collect as many of these treasures as you can.

There is a hidden wall that can be rotated using Magnesis to make an entrance for the next room. Here you will meet the leader of Yiga Clan, Master Kohga, in possession of Thunder Helm. Engaging with him will start an easy boss fight at the end of which you will acquire the desired helm.

How to defeat Master Kohga and retrieve Thunder Helm

This is an extremely easy fight. Master Kohga will summon a boulder over his head to throw at Link. Shoot him in the face with an arrow to drop the boulder on his head. This will stun-lock Master Kohga for you to deliver some massive punishment with the melee weapons.

Doing this a few times will enrage Master Kohga and he will float on the top of a hole in the middle of the room.

Master Kohga will summon two boulders this time and make them rotate around him before throwing them at Link. Shoot his face when one boulder is right above his head. This will make Master Kohga crash onto the room floor allowing you to punish him more.

During his last phase, Master Kohga will summon a spiked boulder. Use Magnesis to wrestle it out of Master Kohga’s control and drop the boulder on his head. Doing it a couple of times will end the fight and a treasure chest will appear with Thunder Helm inside it. Pick it up, exit the hideout and return to Gerudo Village to return the Thunder Helm.

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