Where To Find The Master Sword In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

We can help you find the Master Sword in Zelda Breath of the Wild so you never have to switch your weapons as it never breaks..

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Sword is an Unbreakable weapon and is undoubtedly one of the best weapons available in the game. As the name suggests, it cannot be damaged and doesn’t have a durability meter so players don’t have to worry about losing it after a couple of hits similar to other weapons.

Of course, such an amazing weapon shouldn’t be easy to come by and Master Sword is by no means easy to acquire in Zelda BOTW. This Master Sword location guide should help players with tracking down and acquiring the weapon with relative ease.

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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Master Sword location

The Master Sword is in a grove inside the Lost Woods. The Lost Woods is a part of the Woodland Tower region. It can be found north of Hyrule Castle and Lanayru Wetlands. The Lost Woods is where the Temple of Time once stood, but it fell over time and was taken over by the encroaching woods.

To reach the area, players must go through the Woodland Stable and continue to the path until they reach the Lost Woods. From there, they need to proceed toward the Korok Forest.

Entering the Lost Woods is not so simple. Every time you try to enter the woods from any direction, whether running into them or gliding into them, Link is always teleported back to his starting point, and a mysterious laughter accompanies the teleportation.

To enter the Lost Woods, start from the Woodland Tower and follow the northeast path. Keep on the path until it gets all foggy and scary, and you come to a large stone arch, which marks the accessible entrance of the Lost Woods.

Once at the forest entrance, players need to light up a torch at the nearby brazier since the torch will be their primary guiding tool inside the forest. The torch flame will tilt in certain directions, and players must follow those and go wherever the flame takes them.

The ember of your torch will guide you to Master Sword, and if you are having trouble tracing the direction, stand still and observe the direction of the flames and embers.

The forest is filled with fog which can teleport players back to the start. Whenever it thickens around the player, they should retrace their steps and avoid the fog. Avoid the fog if you don’t want to lose your progress.

The flame will eventually guide the players to where the sword is stuck inside a stone.

How to get the Master Sword in Zelda BOTW

Getting Master Sword in Zelda BOTW is not as easy as walking into a dark forest and pulling the sword from a stone. Pulling the sword depletes your health.

For pulling Master Sword, you need to have full 13 Heart Chambers in your HP bar. You start the game with 3 Heart Chambers by default. You must get ten additional Heart Chambers before trying to find Master Sword.

You get Heart Chambers by defeating the Divine Beasts and trading in Spirit Orbs you get in the various shrines across Hyrule. You also have the option to trade in Stamina Orbs in exchange for Heart Chambers if you are desperate and can manage with low stamina.

Your health will start depleting when you try to pull the sword out. Don’t let go. Just keep pulling. When you pull the sword out, your HP will be depleted to half the last heart.

Of course, we recommend powerful healing items to replenish your Heart Chambers after you finally get Master Sword.

Master Sword deals 30 Damage, but it deals higher damage against Ganon and all Calamity-affected enemies. Around Guardians and other foes affected by Ganon, the damage is bumped to a whopping 60.

You have a pretty powerful boost in Master Sword. When all your Heart Chambers are full, you can hold the attack button and unleash a wave of energy that damages all the enemies in its range.

Although Master Sword is unbreakable, there are still limitations placed on it. Master Sword’s blade is not immune to damage, and as you attack enemies, the blade becomes dull. When this happens, your damage output will be reduced, and you need to wait for a short period so the sword can regenerate its sharp blade.

The only time the sword doesn’t lose its sharpness is when it is being used against Ganon, so that’s a huge plus point.

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