Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Hyrule Castle Walkthrough

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Walkthrough for Hyrule Castle will guide you through the area and how to deafeat the major bosses

In Zelda: Breath of the Wild, during the final stages of the game, you will need to go through the Hyrule Castle. At the end of this castle will be one of the final bosses of the game, Calamity Ganon.

This boss fight will have you at your wit’s end. There are several paths you can take to get to Calamity Ganon and deliver him a good whooping. There are also tons of wonderful loot that you can collect as you explore Hyrule Castle in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But the question is, how to do it?

The castle is available after you finish Great Plateau. Before you do, there are some things you need to do to make your upcoming fight against Calamity Ganon a bit easier.

There are some enemies you need to defeat and some items you need to collect. Here they are:

Things to do before visiting Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild

Eliminate every Divine Beast

Before moving toward the Calamity Ganon, the most important thing you must accomplish is defeating all the Divine Beasts. From every Beast, you can acquire a mighty power that will help you in the remaining phase of the game.

Additionally, the health of the final boss is linked to these beasts. Calamity Gannon’s health bar will be halved at the start of the battle if you have defeated Vah Ruta, Vah Medod, Vah Naboris, and Vah Rudania in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Complete the Captured Memories quest

Make sure to complete the Captured Memories questline before heading out to Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild. This is because completing the quest is going to unlock a secret ending in the game.

If you reach Hyrule Castle without completing the Captured Memories quest, the only way to get the best possible ending will be to start another playthrough.

Get the required equipment

You naturally need to have the best possible equipment to beat the dangers inside Hyrule Castle. Hence, make sure to get the best weapons and armor to do and mitigate the most damage.

Furthermore, you also need to have the best food and elixirs for health regeneration and other buffs.

Once everything is done, it is time to head on to the Hyrule Castle.

How to complete Hyrule Castle in Breath of the Wild

Hyrule Castle map in Breath of the Wild

You can get inside Hyrule Castle in Zelda: Breath of the Wild in several ways. Due to the nonlinear path of the Castle, you will face more enemies on one path while others will be safer. So it is all up to you as to how you want to explore the Castle.

Head to the Saas Ko’sah Shrine

Starting from the side of the Castle marked on the has certain advantages. This includes fewer Guardian encounters and ease of movement between different places.

Make your way toward the northeast side of the castle and enter the large cave found between the gigantic rocks. You can paraglide from the opposite green field mountains to reach the entrance of the cave.

The Saas Ko’sah Shrine will be here in the Hyrule Castle Docks area. You will find many enemies here but to aid you, you will find a Flameblade here. You can use this to eliminate the Lizalfos present in the area.

You will also find a Major Test of Strength that you can solve. Once everything is done, move to the Library of the Hyrule Castle.

Reach the Library

Head toward the backside of the Saas Ko’ah Shrine to find the stairs that will take you toward the Library section of the Castle. However, you will have to remove certain obstacles like the crate and wall using Magnesis to clear the pathway.

Upon entering the Library, you will be greeted by several Lizalfos. Try to eliminate each one before searching the area. You can explore the area easily in this manner. Also, you can grab the Royal Guard’s Shield by exploring the King’s Study room below the staircases.

After looting the area, get ready to leave the Library and find Princess Zelda’s Room in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Enter Princess Zelda’s Room

You can exit the library in two ways. We are going to take the path that goes through the staircases and takes you outside toward a cave.

Going through the cave will lead you toward Princess Zelda’s room. But before you do that, you will have to eliminate multiple Guardians in this location.

Make your way toward the staircases on the right side and keep moving until you find Princess Zelda’s Room.

Get inside the room, and kill the Silver Moblin before exploring and looting any item. There are several items to find here, like the Royal Guard’s Bow, Zelda’s Diary, and a treasure chest.

Reach the Dining Hall from the Library

Now you have to retrace your steps back to the Library. From here, move toward the opposite side of the room and use the stairs to reach another Moblin.

You need to climb the wooden pathway next to the staircase to reach the next phase of the room. Get inside the room and move toward the corridor.

From the Hallway, turn toward the right side to find four Black Moblins. These creatures are guarding the Dining Hall. You must eliminate all four of them before exploring the room.

You will find several items that you can use to cook health restoration items. Collect all these and reach the cooking pot present inside the Dining Hall to cook some recipes and elixirs before fighting the final boss of the chapter in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Use the East Passage from the Library

You need to move South from this location and then East before turning toward the North side of the Hyrule Castle.

Along the way, you can loot different rewards by defeating the Guardians. Keep moving toward the pathway to reach the Northern Tower. Here you need to utilize your status ability to uplift a rock that provides a treasure chest.

Keep moving on the pathway, and you will reach the East Passage of the Hyrule Castle. Inside the passage, you will get a mine cart. Luckily, stasis on the cart activates it, and you can ride it afterward.

You can use your remote bomb to take out the deposits that block your pathway toward the next section of the area.

Head toward the end of the pathway to find the Stone Talus. You need to knock it down and collect the gems after destroying it. Now use the paraglider to get to the updraft to the other side.

There will be an eyeball in Malice’s goo, so kill it and move through the path the malice was blocking to get back into the Library.

Get to the Guard’s Chamber

You must reach the First Gatehouse’s Southern side to find the Guard’s Chamber. Inside you will find several guardians and another eyeball that you must eliminate. Once you take these enemies down, move through the path that was blocked by the eyeball.

Move toward the left side of the path to find the Guard’s Chamber and use Cryonis to remove and unlock the gate leading you toward the next area. Once you are inside the chamber, defeat the Silver Lizalfos and the Black Moblin before collecting all the treasures of the room.

Now pick up a barrel and place it next to the switch near the entrance point. This will open a door found on top of the staircase. Moreover, you can use the stasis to keep the switch down, but you have to run quickly before the gate gets locked again.

Head down the path from the courtyard and jump through the ledges toward the West Passage.

Explore the West Passage

You will find your pathway blocked, so use bombs to destroy all the obstacles and loot the boxes on the side of the path. Using Stasis, you can use the mine cart inside this side of the passage.

Enter the room that contains three statues and a pool of water. You can use the pool water to restore your health by standing inside.

Take the upward pathway on your right side and enter the area having two different paths. One path is a shortcut located in the West Passage that can take you directly toward the courtyard that connects you with the library.

For this path, you must turn right from the room and enter the high room containing the Silver Moblin. You need to kill the enemy to gather a reward and then do a few things to get access to the courtyard and other items.

Firstly, climb up the walls and destroy the boxes to gain any valuable items. Then scan the walls to find a ladder that you must use to enter the room above.

Inside the room, use the remote bomb to demolish the ore blocking your way. Tackle the enemies inside and change the direction of the wooden switch with any of your weapons. This will allow you to create an updraft that you can use with your paraglider.

You can exit the Castle by moving to the top of the room, but we are here to find the courtyard. So follow the path inside and destroy any eyeballs covered in malice to unlock the area containing the two Gatehouses.

If you are wondering about the other pathway of the West Passage, then we have you covered. You can paraglide back to the original location and move toward the Jail section of Hyrule Castle.

You will find yourself facing a wall, but you have to use a remote bomb on the left side of it to uncover the pathway. Once inside, look on straight for an eyeball that you must destroy to unlock the gate.

If you are looking for the Hylian Shield, make your way toward the left side of the jail with the eyeball attached. You will find Stalnox there and can kill it to grab your prize. Now you need to get back on the path and kill different enemies before switching many wooden switches.

You need to destroy the wall on the left side of the cell and move ahead to find another eyeball on the right side. Aim for it so the malice blocking your way will be removed, and you can move ahead with your destination.

Now just take the straight pathway and use Cryonis to unlock the gate leading toward the outside of the west passage.

Defeat the Calamity Ganon Boss

After following our pathway throughout the guide, you can reach the boss by going on the greenish tracks outside the Hyrule Castle. Make your way toward the Sanctuary to face the boss.

You can defeat Calamity Ganon by being cautious, as the boss attacks are a mix of all four Divine Beasts. It means that eliminating those not only helps you in draining this boss’s health but also gives you an idea regarding the attack patterns of Calamity Ganon.

You need to maintain your distance and be quick on your feet to avoid almost every incoming attack from this boss. Calamity Ganon will perform ground and laser attacks. Hence, you must perfectly utilize your defensive and offensive abilities to beat Calamity Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hyrule Castle.

Defeat the Dark Beast Demon

You need to defeat Dark Beast Demon by being smart about your moves in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You must always stay on the move with your horse and away from the trees.

With this, you can use arrows at the right time and place to win the battle. With this battle, you complete Chapter 14, and your journey in the Hyrule Castle ends in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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