Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Sheikah Slate Upgrade Guide

This Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sheikah Slate Upgrade guide will help you through the Locked Mementos quest so you can easily get to Hateno Village and enter the Research Lab.

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Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sheikah Slate Upgrade

In order to upgrade Sheikah Slate in Legend Of Zelda BoTW you are required to complete the Locked Mementos quest.

The Locked Mementos quest is given to by Impa in Kakariko Village. This quest will take you Hateno Village where you will find a research lab where you can upgrade your Sheikah Slate.

When the Locked Mementos quest is given to you the game does not detail the rewards or the upgrades for your Sheikah Slate.

At the end of this quest, you will unlock the photo mode, an album, and a compendium of things.

Hateno Village
Once you accept the quest make your way to the east where the road splits. Keep following this road until you reach Fort Hateno.

If you want to get there as fast as possible and without any interruption during your journey then travel by Horse and you will be able to ride past your enemies. However, be mindful of the stamina of your horse.

From Fort Hateno, keep following the path ahead until you see a fork in the road. Take the left path and it will take you to Hateno Village.

There is a long journey ahead of you filled with enemies. Just keep moving along the path and you will reach the village.

Once inside the village just go up and around and you will see the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, which will be high up on the cliff.’

Now enter the Lab and talk to the young girl named Purah and she will direct you to the back where the director is.

Symin is the director and will show an interest in your Sheikah Slate and will request you to let him see the runes on it.

Once he looks at the Sheikah Slate he will note that it is missing the basic runes.

However, you will start to notice that Symin does not seems to be the in charge of the Lab and it turns out that Purah is the director of the Lab.

You will have a conversation with Purah in which she will explain a lot of things.

She will repair your Sheikah Slate but first you will have to do something for her.

In order to get your Sheikah Slate repaired you need to bring the blue flame from the ancient furnace located in the Town. This blue flame is required to light up the furnace in the Lab.

It is a very simple task, all you have to do is find the blue flame and carry it using the torch from lamp to lamp.

It is likely that the torch will break during your journey back to the lab, so keep an eye out for the bushes that will give you sticks when struck.

The lamp will more or less take you straight back to the Lab. Once you have reached the Lab light the furnace outside with your torch and a travel gate will be activated.

Go inside the Lab and talk to Purah about repairing the Sheikah Slate. She will repair the Sheikah Slate and you will get a Camera, Hyrule Compendium, and an Album.

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