V Rising Fishing Spots Locations, How to Catch Fish, Farm Fish Oil, and Fish Bone

In V Rising, Fishing is an important mechanic as fish is a source of several different types of materials, including fish oil, meat etc. In this guide, we will go over all there is to know about fishing in the game and give you all the fishing spot locations in V Rising so you know which area to head towards for your angling adventures.

How to Fish in V Rising

Though it may seem like a mundane thing to do, fishing is actually a great activity to do on the side in V Rising. The reason for this is, that if you go fishing, you won’t return home with just fish. You can catch all sorts of rewards from fishing, and some of them are even needed to craft high-level gear; making fishing an essential activity.

But if you want to fish in V Rising, you will need to unlock and then craft a Fishing rod. The Fishing Rod is unlocked after you defeat Rufus the Foreman, who can be found in the Bandit Logging Camp in Farbane Woods. Defeating Rufus will unlock the Fishing Rod as well as the Woodwork bench, where you can craft the Fishing rod.

How to Build a Woodworking Bench

After defeating Rufus the Foreman, your next objective is to build a Woodworking Bench using the blueprint you obtained from him. Crafting the Woodworking Bench is a very simple task. The ingredients you need to craft it are listed below.

How to Craft a Fishing Pole

Once you have the Woodworking Bench set up, you’ll be able to craft a Fishing Pole for yourself so you can go fishing. Open up your character menu and go to the Crafting Tab.

In order to craft the Fishing Pole, you will require the following crafting materials

Fish Types

There are several different kinds of fish in V Rising. Each type of fish can be salvaged using the Devourer to get Fish Oil and Fish Bones, but the different types of fish also have unique uses to them.

Below, we’ve listed down the different V Rising fish types and what they’re used for.

Swamp Dweller and Fierce Stinger

The Swamp Dweller and Fierce Stinger fish are used to craft potions. With the Swamp Dweller, you’ll be able to craft the Potion of Rage, while the Fierce Stinger will be used to make the Witch Potion. These are both combat potions that will help you out during boss fights.

Golden River Bass and Blood Snapper

The Golden River Bass is used in the crafting recipe for Spiderlings while the Blood Snapper fish is used the crafting recipe for Mosquitos. These insects can then be used to change the blood type of your vampire.

Fat Goby and Twilight Snapper

The Fat Goby and Twilight Snapper do not have any specific uses. The only thing you can do with them is salvage them to get their Scales. But that does not make them useless as these Scales are used in the crafting recipes of high-level armor which you’ll need for the end-game content.

Fishing Spots Locations

Once you craft the Fishing Rod, you are halfway there. After you have it equipped in your Hotbar, the next step is to head to a fishing location. There are several different fishing spots throughout the different regions of the map.

We have listed the different fishing locations in V Rising below.

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Farbane Woods Fishing Spots

In Farbane Woods, there are many different fishing spots all around the area. It is the starting area of the game and contains a total of 6 Fishing spots.

For your ease, we have a map image (courtesy of mapgenie) showing all the Fishing spots in Farbane Woods.

farbane woods fishing spots

Hallowed Mountains Fishing Spots

The Hallowed Mountains is the next region located northwest of Farbane Woods. This area is mountainous and cold and due to the nature of its terrain, has only 2 fishing spots.

hallowed mountains fishing spot

Silverlight Hills Fishing Spots

The Silverlight Hills is a small region located northeast of Farbane Islands and east of Dunley Farmlands. It is home to five different fishing spots, three of which are quite close to each other.

v rising silverlight hills fishing spots

Dunley Farmlands Fishing Spots

The final area with Fishing spots in Dunley Farmlands. This is located in the northern part of the map and even though it is the second biggest region of the map, it contains only 2 fishing spots.

v rising dunley farmlands fishing spots

Fish Oil Farming

In V Rising, Fish Oil can be obtained in 2 different ways. One is by breaking down the fishes caught, and the other is by looting different areas of the map.

If you really like fishing then perhaps breaking down the fish you have caught might be the best way to get fish oil. However, this is a pretty slow method and we would recommend the second option instead as this way you get to explore the map and find other valuables as well.

The Fish Oil is a frequent drop by monsters found around different areas of Dunley Farmlands such as Mosswick Village etc. In these areas, fish oil can be found by looting different crates and also by defeating monsters.

What to Use Fish Oil For

In V Rising, you will not require fish oil in the early and mid-part of the game. However, in the later stages of the game, Fish oil will be an important resource as it will be required to craft items of the highest tier.

More specifically, Fish Oil is required to craft Pristine leather, which is the highest quality leather in V Rising. So make sure that you gather as much Fish Oil as you can in V Rising so that later on, you can craft Pristine Leather.

Fish Bone Farming

Fish Bone can be obtained as loot from some enemies and chests, and by salvaging the fish, you catch for them.

The better way and fastest way to farm fish bones in V Rising are by using the fish you catch to extract different materials, including Fish Bone.

In order to be able to salvage materials from which, you will require the Devourer Structure, which is obtained by defeating ‘Lidia the Chaos Archer.’

What to Use Fish Bone For

In V Rising, Fish Bone is an important crafting material and is required to craft many different items and recipes. It is required to craft items such as Twilight Snapper, Putride Rat, and more.

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