Where to Find Coarse Thread in V Rising

Coarse Thread is very important in V Rising. Your Boneguard Armor at one stage won’t be much effective in protecting you. There is where Coarse Thread comes in. They can help you make different gears like cloth, armor, and cloaks in V Rising.

If you’re having trouble finding Coarse Thread and are in need of some help, we’ve got you covered with this guide, where we’ll be showing you all the different ways of finding Coarse Thread in V Rising.

V Rising Coarse Thread Farm Locations

Coarse Thread is an important crafting item in V Rising. It is used to craft new armor sets, which are essential for increasing your survivability in the game.

You’ll need to start farming Coarse Thread right from the start of the game, as you need 16 of it to level up your gear score by crafting the Nightstalker Armor. If you’re unable to find the 16 Coarse Thread, you cannot progress past the tutorial of the game.

What’s unique about Coarse Thread is the fact that unlike most of the items in V Rising, there is currently no way to craft Coarse Thread. This means that the only way to farm Coarse Thread in the game is through exploration.

Fortunately, there are a few different ways to find Coarse Thread. Though it is a rare item, it’s not that difficult to find if you know where to look.

The best way to farm Coarse Thread in V Rising is to raid Bandit Encampments in Farbane Woods. This includes the Bandit Camps, Bandit Strongholds, Bandit Outposts, Bandit Armory etc.

The locations of all of the Bandit Camps in V Rising are marked in the map image below.

V Rising Coarse Thread Bandit Camp Locations

Out of all these camps, the best ones to go to for farming Coarse Thread are the ones that specifically mention the crafting item under their “Important Loot” menu. Ergo, the best Bandit Camps to farm Coarse Thread are the Trapper and Logging Camps. These will likely become your most consistent source of Coarse Thread.

You’ll find these encampments spread all over the map, so there’s a lot of them for you to loot.

When you’re inside a Bandit Encampment, you’ll find a bunch of destructible boxes laying around the area. These boxes have a chance of dropping Coarse Thread.

You should start off by raiding the weaker encampments and work your way up from there.

Another reason why these encampments are the best place to farm Coarse Thread is because of all the Bandit mobs you’ll find in them. These mobs also have a chance of dropping Coarse Thread, so it’s a good idea to kill as many of them as you can you’re there.

Can You Craft Coarse Thread in V Rising?

While V Rising lets you craft pretty much every resource, coarse thread unfortunately isn’t on that list as there is no coarse thread recipe. As of right now, there is no way in the game to craft coarse thread but who knows we might see one in the future as the game continues to develop.

So if you are in need of coarse thread, don’t waste time wondering where to get a crafting recipe for coarse thread. Farming for coarse thread is the best and only way to find this resource so best get down to searching.