How to Get Pristine Leather in V Rising, Pristine Hide Farm Locations

To get Pristine Leather in V Rising, you will need Pristine Hide. Pristine Leather is very useful for crafting many useful items. This guide will cover all the details on how to get Pristine Leather in V Rising and what are some of the best pristine hide farm locations.

V Rising Pristine Hide Farm Locations

As we have already told you in v Rising, Pristine Hide is a key item required for crafting Pristine Leather. To get the Pristine Hide, you must enter Dunley Farmlands and take out werewolves.

You will find a lot of werewolves in the southeastern section of the Dunley Farmlands. You will only find them during the nighttime, so there is no need to search for them in the daylight.

Once you take out a werewolf during the night, you will get the Pristine Hide. However, you can’t craft Pristine Leather just by Pristine Hide. You will also need Fish Oil.

Finding Fish Oil in V Rising is not a difficult job at all. You can easily find it while exploring the camps and villages. You can head to the Mosswick Village in Dunlay Farmlands to easily gather the Fish Oil.

How to Craft Pristine Leather

The crafting recipe for the Pristine Leather can be seen below.

Once you have the required items in the required quantity, you need to go to the Tannery to craft the Pristine Leather.

You have to place 3 Fish Oil and 13 Pristine Hide in the Tannery. After that, wait for some time, and you will get 1 Pristine Leather.

If you want to craft more, you will need to gather more Pristine Hide and Fish Oil.

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