How to Salvage Items in V Rising

This comprehensive guide has discussed how you can Salvage Items in V Rising and how to craft Devourer Chests. 

Salvaging Items is a process in V Rising which allows you to recycle unneeded items into raw resources. This guide has discussed how you can Salvage Items in V Rising and how to craft Devourer Chests.

How to Salvage Items in V Rising

As you start collecting items in V Rising, you’ll come across certain items that are labeled as “salvageable.” These items can be broken down into useful resources, but you must know how to Salvage them.

In order to salvage items in V Rising, you are going to need a structure called Devourer. Now, how to build a Devourer? I am glad you asked!

How to Unlock Devourer

To unlock the Devourer in V Rising, you must first reach level 26. Once you’ve grind your way up to the required level, the next step is fighting the V Blood carrier, Lidia the Chaos Archer.

You can locate the Level 26 boss by using the Blood Altar (used for tracking down Blood bosses.) You must collect 180 stones and 10 blood essence to build this construction.

Once the required resources are collected, you can place the Blood Altar inside your castle and track the V Blood Carrier by pressing F.


Lidia the Archer Boss

While most players found the boss at Farbane Woods, others found her at a random location on the map. Once you’ve tracked down the V Blood Carrier, Lidia the Chaos Archer, it’s time to defeat her.

Defeating the V Blood Carrier is not that big of a task and is a fairly easy fight. Her attacks can easily be avoided by moving aside and considering how the game already creates a radius where her attacks will land, giving you enough time to move out of their range and prevent any damage taken.

Since she uses the same position when attacking, you can land a few attacks of your own until she vanishes and appears again using a melee attack.

However, you can avoid her melee attacks by moving away between the time she disappears and reappears.

How to Craft Devourer Chest

Once you’ve defeated Lidia, you can now craft Devourer, which requires the following items:

Head back to the castle and find the Devourer under the Refinement tab (Production menu). You can use it by interacting with the chest, placing the required item for recycling into the input section, and seeing what the output reveals.

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