How to Get Scales in V Rising, Best Farm Locations

Scales are one of the best resources in V Rising. This guide discusses how to get scales and the best places to farm scales in V Rising.

Scales are one of the best resources in V Rising that help in acquiring T3 Armor. This guide discusses how to get scales and the best places to farm scales in V Rising.

How to Get Scales in V Rising

Being crafting items, Scales play an important role in V Rising. While there are a number of ways to find Scales, we’ve chosen the best methods to get Scales in V Rising below.

Killing Earthworms to Get Scales

Perhaps the quickest way to get Scales in V Rising is by killing Earthworms, as Earthworms drop 80-100 Scales when killed. Also, it’s fairly easy to kill these terrestrials, making the process less complicated.

However, finding them can be a bit challenging as they come out of the ground in swamps on random occasions.

Defeating the Frog Boss to Get Scales

Speaking of Swamps, you’ll come across an army of frogs along with spiders in the swamp area. These frogs drop a good number of Scales. There’s sure to be a leader with all the frogs in the area.

Well, you’re in luck since there is a Frog Boss in the Swamp of Greeds that provides an impressive number of Scales for you to collect when defeated.


Fishing to Get Scales

If you were unable to find any Scales using the above methods, you can use Fishing as a Secondary method to get Scales in V Rising.

Although there’s a 50% chance you’ll acquire any Scales via Fishing, it’s still best to test your luck since Fishing is one of the easiest methods of obtaining Scales in V Rising. This method is recommended if you are not strong enough to defeat the Frogs or the Spiders. This is by far the easiest method to get scales, but keep in mind that the probability of getting scales is low.

We would recommend shifting between the methods instead of sticking to just one as this way; you’ll get enough Scales in the shortest period of time. Farming with just one method would seem repetitive and would become boring with time, so keep on switching between different methods to keep things interesting.

Scales Farm Location

If you’re unable to defeat the monsters and are looking to farm scales on your own, the best location to farm Scales is in the Spider Cave.

The Spider Cave contains several spiders inside, ranging from normal to exploding spiders.

What makes the exploding Spiders more fun to kill is that they just need to be provoked in order to explode and drop Scales.

Therefore, simply provoke them and stay out of harm’s way as they explode and drop Scales.

Each spider, when killed, grants you 10 Scales. Considering there are hundreds of Spiders inside the cave, gives you a guarantee to acquire a good number of Scales without even traveling.

However, you should note that when playing on a PvP server, you’ll come across a level 60 V-Blood boss inside the Spider Cave called Ungora the Spider Queen.

If you don’t want to face any boss in the cave, you can shift to a PvE server where you will not have to worry about facing any bosses in the cave and can easily farm Scales inside.

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