V Rising Map Locations Explained

This guide will give you an overview of the key map locations of V Rising and explain what you can expect to find there.

V Rising contains a sprawling gothic world filled with ferocious enemies and useful resources. While Stunlock Studios continues to expand it, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the currently available regions in V Rising. This guide will give you an overview of the key map locations of V Rising and explain what you can expect to find there.

V Rising Map Locations

In V Rising, currently, the map is divided into 5 locations. The first of them is the Farbane Woods, which is also the largest one. You will start your V Rising journey through this area.

When you progress further in the game and head toward the North you will find another region called the Dunley Farmlands. Here you will find some great resources.

After that when you head further north you will find the Cursed Forest. It is not a place you are going to like much but still helps you gather some good resources.

After this region, you will get to the most beautiful region of the V Rising currently available called the Silverlight Hills. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful region, but far more dangerous as well.

Northeast of the Farbane Woods the late game area that you are going to find is Hallowed Mountains. In this region you will face the most powerful enemies in the game.

In all these regions you will find a lot of things to explore like ruined structures, caves, and bandit camps. All the areas are houses of specific resources and enemies.

Below you will find a complete overview of all the regions and their important resources.

Farbane Woods

Farbane Woods is the starter area of V Rising and the least challenging in terms of survival. However, there still are varieties of dangers in this area such as poisonous plants, murderous moose, and some other creatures.

You will find a lot of Bandit Camps around this area with enemies ready to fight you. The Farbane Woods area is mostly covered with shadows that allow you to explore this area without any trouble from sunlight. While the sun isn’t completely absent, shade is plenty.

In this region, you will find some key resources useful for the early game like Copper Ore. You can use this to craft better gear so that you can face tougher enemies.

You will also find animal Bones which are refinable at the crafting stations available in the V Rising. The other important resources that you can gather in this area include Paper, Coarse Thread, and Whetstone.

Dunley Farmlands

After gathering some useful resources and heading north from the Farbane Woods you will find the Dunley Farmlands. Your main resource of interest here is Iron Ore. But beware, this whole area is guarded by a lot of militiamen.

If you can sneak into the mine, you can gather a lot of Iron Ore. You can use iron ore to further craft better gear. You will also find a lot of horses in this region as well. You can use these horses as mounts for exploring the region quickly and moving to the next one.

Apart from these useful things, you can gather resources like Cloth, Sunflower, Quartz, and Wool Thread. All these resources will prove to be very useful for you.

Cursed Forest

Heading further north from the Dunley Farmlands you will find the Cursed Forest region. This is not an area you wish to stay in. You will encounter zombies and witches in this region.

Some of the notable resources that you can find in this region are Ghost Crystal, Ghost Yarn, and Spectral Dust.

You will also find some areas in this region which are currently inaccessible but will likely become available in future content updates.

Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is the most beautiful region that you can find in the V Rising. However, don’t let that fool you, it’s quite dangerous. It has the biggest city in V Rising called Brighthaven.

You will find different resources like Silver Ore throughout this region. Silver ore is essential if you want craft powerful weapons in the V Rising.

In Silverlight Hills, you will also find Gem Dust and Highland Lotus. You will find useful items like the Imperial Thread when you explore different regions and the Fortress of Light. Here you will also encounter a late game boss called Solarus.

Hollowed Mountains

In the northwest of the Farbane Woods, you will find the Hollowed Mountains which is the late game area. It is a snowy area far smaller than the previous regions discussed.

This region is not known for useful resources, but rather for its dangerous boss encounters. You have to prepare a lot before facing the bosses of this region.

This region may expand in the future update where you will find different resources and even powerful bosses.

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