How to Make Planks in V Rising, Reinforced Planks, Sawmill Upgrades

This guide will help uncover how to use the sawmill and make sawdust and planks and how to upgrade the sawmill in V Rising.

Learn how to use the Sawmill and make Sawdust and planks in V Rising. Find out how you can upgrade and use Sawmill to use it effectively to make Planks, one of the most useful resources in the game.

How to Make Planks in V Rising

Planks are obtained simultaneously with Sawdust from the Sawmill. When you put the Lumber in the Sawmill, it will automatically turn it into Planks and Sawdust. So, you won’t have to try any other procedure to get Planks in V Rising.

The Sawmill Workshop is one of the easiest structures to build in V Rising as it needs basic resources and is readily available in build mode. However, a powered castle is required to actually set up the Sawmill Workshop.

You must have 400 Lumber and 80 Stones to Craft the Sawmill Workshop. After collecting these items, go back to the castle to place the Sawmill workshop.

Simply place the raw item in the input grid of Sawmill Workshop, and the machine will process it over time, allowing you to collect your desired item in the output grid. Simple as that!

When you interact with the Sawmill, a list of recipes appears at the top of the window, followed by the “Input” and “Output” grids at the bottom. Each recipe is broken down into two parts.

The section to the left of the arrow shows what you must enter into the Input grid, and the section to the right of the arrow shows what you will receive from the recipe once the Sawmill has completed its process.

The Sawmill will automatically break down 20 Lumber and give you 1 Plank and 1 Sawdust at the end, which you can collect from the Output grid. Since this process takes time, it is good to place some good amount of Lumber and leave it there and return later on to collect the processed item from the output grid.

How to Craft Reinforced Planks

To craft Reinforced Planks in V Rising, the first step is to get your hands on regular planks.

To craft planks, you will need to have the Sawmill. Fortunately, the recipe for the Sawmill is unlocked automatically after you complete the tutorial of V Rising.

If you haven’t built it already, open up the building menu and build it from there. Place it down in your castle and interact with it to open its menu.

To craft planks, you will need to have a bunch of Lumber. Lumber is obtained by chopping down trees with your axe.

Each Plank will require 20 Lumber to be made. And when you craft one Plank, you’ll also get one sawdust as a byproduct.

Once you have Lumber available, put it in the Sawmill, and you’ll get planks and sawdust.

Now that you know how to craft planks, your next objective is to obtain the recipe for Reinforced Planks.

For that, you will need to defeat a boss named “Vincent the Frostbringer.” This is a level 40 V boss, so you won’t be able to take him on in the game’s early stages.

Keep playing through the game until your armor and weapons are strong enough to challenge this boss. Once you’ve defeated Vincent the Frostbringer, you will unlock the recipe for Reinforced Planks, which we have listed below.

Reinforced Planks are also crafted at the Sawmill, but being reinforced, they are significantly more expensive than regular planks. For each Reinforced Plank, you will need 4 Iron Ingots and 4 Planks.

If you want to completely fortify your base with Reinforced Planks, you’ll need to do a lot of grinding. But considering the extra protection they offer, the grind will be worth it.

How to Upgrade Sawmill

You can also upgrade the Sawmill to make it more efficient by meeting certain criteria in V Rising. This section will show you how to upgrade the Sawmill.

If you look to the very top of the Sawmill interaction window, you’ll see three panels

  • Castle Heart Powered
  • In Confined Castle Room
  • Has Matching Floor

The first panel, Castle Heart Powered, indicates whether or not a Castle Heart powers the Sawmill. The second panel shows that enclosing the Sawmill in a confined room made of stone castle walls and floors can increase its refinement rate by 25%.

The third panel, Has Matching Floor, indicates that laying down the Workshop flooring can reduce the cost of all building recipes by 25%.

Simply meet these requirements to reap the benefits.

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