How to Get Twilight Snapper in V Rising

Twilight Snapper is one of the rarest Fish you’ll find in V Rising. This Fish is required to unlock the Putrid Rat Form with a Vermin Nest. This guide will discuss where to find the Twilight Snapper Fish and how to catch it.

V Rising Twilight Snapper Farm Locations

Each item in V Rising serves a purpose. Either the item can aid you in a boss fight or help you upgrade your base. Similarly, Twilight Snapper is a rare fish that helps you unlock the Putrid Rat Form with a Vermin Nest.

However, finding this rare Fish isn’t as simple as it sounds. You must first craft a Fishing Pole to catch it, which requires additional objectives to be completed.

How to Craft a Fishing Pole

To craft a Fishing Pole in V Rising, you must face the boss known as Rufus the Foreman. This boss can be found at Bandit Logging Camp in the Farbane Woods. This is a level 20 boss; therefore, it is required to fight him when you’re close to his level.

Considering that Rufus will be the third boss you’ll come across in V Rising, you will also have plenty of time to raise your level. Upon defeating Rufus the Foreman., he drops a Woodworking Bench recipe and a Fishing Pole.

You can also manually use the Woodworking Bench recipe to craft your own Fishing Pole. All you have to do is simply collect 12 Planks and 60 Animal Hide to craft the bench and then use it to craft the Fishing Pole using 6-8 Planks, 3-4 Copper Ingots, and 3-4 Coarse Thread.

Where to Find Twilight Snapper

Once you’ve collected all the materials needed to craft a Fishing Pole, it’s time to find the Twilight Snapper.

However, you should know that being a rare item, this Fish doesn’t have a fixed location and can spawn at any particular body of water.

The one location where it has a high chance of spawning is Farbane Woods. Once you’re at the location, find a white mark on the body of water.

This is where you must click the attack button with the Fishing Pole and wait until you hear a splashing noise indicating that you have a fish caught in the hook. Click the action button again to catch the Twilight Snapper fish in V Rising and unlock the Putrid Rat Form.

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