Starfield All Free Ships: Locations and Quest Rewards

What is better than a spaceship in Starfield? A free spaceship. In this guide, we will let you find and obtain all the free ships available in the galaxy.

Ships are an integral part of your journey in Starfield. They are the only mode of transportation in a game where players need to travel in-between planets on a regular basis. Although players need to buy their ships and the upgrade parts for those ships, they can also obtain some free ships in Starfield by completing specific quests or finding them out in the wild. This guide will teach how you can get free ships in Starfield and their locations.

How to get free ships from quests in Starfield

Plenty of free ships in Starfield are available for players as they continue their journey. These ships are rewarded for various missions or tasks in the game. Below is our list of all the Starfield free ship locations and what makes those ships special.

Frontier – starting ship

Frontier is the earliest free ship you can get in Starfield. To get this, players need to start playing the game. They will automatically get The Frontier during the One Small Step quest. The Frontier has all the basic features players might need on a ship, and you can get this free ship early, within the first 20 minutes of starting the game. It is nothing special, but it gets the job done.

Wanderwell – character creation trait

To get the free ship from parents, Wanderwell, in Starfield you need to select the Kid Stuff trait when starting the game. The trait makes it that your in-game parents are alive and well and that you are in contact with them. Other than being able to use their house, players also get Wanderwell as a free ship.

Razorleaf ship – Mantis quest reward

Razorleaf free ship reward can be earned by completing the Mantis mission. Players need to find a Secret Outpost note. The note can be looted on a Spacer enemy after you defeat it. Read the note and players will unlock the mission ‘Mantis’. Players need to save a hostage in this mission.

Razorleaf has the following stats

Crew Capacity 2
Fuel 140
Hull 469
Cargo Capacity 420 Max, 160 Shielded
Jump 16 Lightyears
Weapons LAS – 6 PAS – 16 MSL – 36
Value 124100

Star Eagle – Freestar Collective Rangers ship

Star Eagle, one of the best free ships in Starfield, is earned as a reward for completing the entire Freestar Collective faction questline. You can join the Freestar Rangers in Akila City in the Cheyenne system to get the Star Eagle free ship. The planet is first visited during the main story quest The Empty Nest. Joining the Freestar Rangers is necessary for completing the faction questline and unlocking this free Freestar Rangers ship.

Star Eagle has the following stats

Crew Capacity 5
Fuel 140
Hull 940
Cargo Capacity 2200 Max, 760 Shielded
Jump 18 Lightyears
WeaponsLAS – 12 EM – 2 MSL – 136
Value 32273

Kepler – A High Price to Pay quest reward

Kepler becomes available after completing ‘A High Price to Pay’ main mission in the game. During the mission, players will get the side quest Overdesigned from Walter Shroud. Completing this side mission will get you to the Kepler ship for free in Starfield.

Kepler ship has the following stats

Crew Capacity 3
Fuel 400
Hull 689
Cargo Capacity 3200 Max, 570 Shielded
Jump 38 Lightyears
WeaponsLAS – 38 BAL – 44
Value 182291

UC Prison Shuttle

UC Prison Shuttle becomes available during the Crimson Fleet questline. Players need to complete the Deep Cover quest that has players infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Here, players can become an official member of the Crimson Fleet and take part in the Crimson Fleet questline to obtain this ship for free as a gift in Starfield.

UC Prison Shuttle has the following stats

Crew Capacity 1
Fuel 280
Hull 418
Cargo Capacity 1890 Max, 0 Shielded
Jump 15 Lightyears
Value 7398

NG+ playthrough reward free ship

The only ship that can be obtained by completing Starfield and starting a NG+. When players start a new game plus in Starfield, they will get the Starborn Guardian ship for free.

Starborn Guardian has the following stats

Crew Capacity 5
Fuel 1500
Hull 649
Cargo Capacity 950 Max, 150 Shielded
Jump 30 Lightyears
WeaponsSOL – 24 TOR – 70
Value 61095

Steal parked ships or from NPCs

Apart from the Starfield free ship locations mentioned above, players can steal as many ships as they want. All Hostile faction ships and civilian ships are free to take, and you can register them as your own. As such, almost any ship you see in Starfield is a free ship for yourself.

You can also sometimes find a ship parked on a planet’s surface. You will have to use a digipick to get in, but once you gain access, you can claim that ship as your own. One of the earliest free ships I found this way was a UC Longhaul on Jemison, near the Fracking Station fast travel point.

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