Starfield Character Creator is Inspired By a DNA Technique

Starfield character editor/creator has the traits sliders inspired from one of the DNA sequencing techniques.

While Starfield is a Science Fiction game, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have realistic elements in it. Fans have found an interesting detail about Starfield. The Character creation menu sliders are just like bands of Gel Electrophoresis, a technique used in separating DNA fragments based on their size/weight. This technique can be quite useful when it comes to DNA separation/sequencing.

starfied character creator

With Bethesda Game Studios at the helm of development, we can expect a lot small details like this that can surprise fans. We recently also got to learn that our character in Starfield won’t have a voice and the dialogues will be in first person view.

Now if you aren’t much accustomed to biological science and are confused about what electrophoresis is then let me try to explain in simple words. Electrophoresis is basically a technique through which we separate different DNA fragments based on their size. The DNA sample is run across a gel and based on the electric charge on these fragments, they are separated throughout the gel. The result of this technique is a gel block full of bands (DNA fragments) scattered throughout the gel. These band patterns are unique to DNA samples and can also be used for identification purposes.

Since our appearances are also based on DNA, so it’s nice to see how Starfield developer has used similar gel patterns as sliders for character creation as these sliders just like our DNA will also decide the appearance of our character in the game. If you want to read more about this technique, you can check this resource.

From all of this information, it’s safe to assume that Bethesda has done extensive research on human genetics for Starfield and they want to reflect that in the game as well. This has fans excited for other small things we can expect in the game. Did you find anything else like this in the content revealed for the game so far?

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