Starfield The Old Neighborhood Walkthrough

Starfield The Old Neighborhood is a mission in which you have to find and recover Artifact Beta.

As you explore the vast galaxy of Starfield, you will receive several missions along the way and The Old Neighborhood will be one of them.

During this mission, your task is to find Artifact Beta which is in possession of Moara. You first have to find him and then free him from the imprisonment of Ecliptic Mercenaries to get the artifact.

How to unlock The Old Neighborhood mission

To unlock The Old Neighborhood, you need to complete just one mission as a prerequisite in Starfield. The mission to unlock this quest is One Small Step.

How to complete The Old Neighborhood in Starfield

Just like One Small Step, you will also find another rare artifact along with Sarah in The Old Neighborhood.

Talk to Sarah and her contact

The Old Neighborhood will begin just after you finish the One Small Step mission. During that mission, you were inside the lodge along with Sarah inside the Mast District, Jemison.

To begin The Old Neighborhood quest, you need to begin a conversation with Sarah. During that, you need to ask her about the Constellation. Sarah will then tell you that I don’t have information on that, but I have a buddy who can help you out with that.


Soon after the conversation with Sarah ends, the quest objective “Talk to Sarah’s Contact” will begin. You will then be able to find a quest marker on the map which you need to follow to get to the contact location.

Following the quest marker, you will end up inside the Vanguard Signup Center. Upon getting inside, you will be able to locate a person who will be Sarah’s Contact. You then need to initiate a conversation with him and ask about the Constellation.

Doing so, he will give you information about an NPC named Moara who has the information on Constellation. For that, you need to head back inside the Sol System in the next The Old Neighborhood objective.

Ask about Moara in Cydonia

For this objective, you need to find Moara. To get there, you need to get inside the ship as Moara is located on another planet, which is Mars. Upon getting there, select the place called Cydonia and land your ship there.

After landing, you can use the map pointer to get to the Mining Center. Inside the center, you need to meet a bartender named Jack. He will be conveniently standing inside the Mining Center Bar.

If you have plenty of cash, you can agree to pay him 2500 credits for the Moara location. Another way is to use her negotiation skills of Moara to reduce his price to 1000 credits. Lastly, if you do not want to spend a dime, you can use your Persuade skill to get Moara location for free.

Go to Venus and talk to Sarah

You will find out that the Moara is in trouble. He also has possession of the Artifact which you need to get to finish this quest.

The Bartender Jack will tell you to go to Venus to find Moara therefore hop on the spaceship and make your way there. The plant is filled with Zealots who will do anything to protect their territory from invaders.

Zealots have a special ability to detect the heat signature of the spaceships, so you need to turn off your engine inside the orbit. This way, you will be able to land without getting unwanted attention from them.

Examine the Satellite

Before landing on Venus, you need to make a small pit stop at the orbiting satellite. Once you are close to a satellite within 500 meters, you need to examine it. Doing so, you will be able to connect to it which will complete this objective.

Go to Nova Galactic Staryard and talk to Sarah

After connecting to the satellite during the last objective, you will find out that the Moara is not located on Venus. To get to her, you need to get to another location which is Luna in Starfield.

Luna is a small planet that revolves around the Earth like the Moon. To get to Luna, you need to use the Star map and fly there using the Spaceship. Upon getting to the Luna orbit, you need to make your way to the floating space station called Nova Galatic Staryard.

Dock with Nova Galactic Staryard and find clues about Moara

During this Starfield The Old Neighborhood objective, you will once again have to find clues about Moara’s whereabouts. For that, you need to make your way inside the Nova Galactic Staryard.

Just dock your ship inside the Staryard docking station and you will be able to get inside. Upon getting inside, you will be greeted by two of the most dangerous enemy factions. These enemies are Ecliptics and Spaces.

You need to get rid of these enemies and follow the quest maker on the map to the Staryard’s hull. Once there, you will be able to find Vanguard Moara’s Slate which will give Moara’s whereabouts.  Turns out, Moara is in Neptune, and he is really in need of help.

Go to Neptune and approach the Ship

To get to the Moara location, you need to make your way to his ship which is in the orbit of Neptune. Use your spaceship to get there and once his ship is found, you need to get inside. Once inside, you will be greeted by a bunch of hostile enemies who will start shooting at you.   

Evade Fire and Damage Moara’s Ship

During the last Starfield The Old Neighborhood objective, the enemies will use Moara’s ship to constantly fire on your ship. To stop the fire, you need to damage his ship so that the ship’s health reaches zero.

You might be wondering why we are not destroying Moara’s ship to stop the fire. This is because his ship also has a valuable artifact inside and destroying it will also lose your chances of getting your hands on it.

Moara’s ship will stop shooting at your ship once the health of the ship reaches zero and it shuts down.

Dock with Moara’s Ship and clear Moara’s Ship of hostiles

You need to fly close to the Moara’s Ship and dock there. Even after getting so much damage from ship fire, the Ecliptic Mercenaries still survived.

That said, you will get resistance from them as you enter the Moara’s ship. After entering, you need to take them out and get control of the ship. From one of the Mercenaries’ dead bodies, you will be able to find the key to the Moara’s Ship.

Talk to Moara and take the Artifact

You will need that key to unlock the jail cell in which Moara was contained. Make your way to the jail cell and release him. After that, begin a conversation with Moara and he will tell you about the location of Artifact. It will be on the table and you can collect it easily.

Return to the Lodge

Now that you have your hands on Artifact, you need to take it back to the lodge located in New Atlantis. After getting there, you need to place the artifact on the same spinning table on which you put the first artifact.

After seeing the artifact on the table, Sarah will join the Constellation meeting. You then need to talk to her once to finish The Old Neighborhood mission in Starfield.

Starfield – The Old Neighborhood rewards

After completing The Old Neighborhood in Starfield, you will get the following rewards:

  • 400 XP
  • 8000 Credits
  • Constellation Space Suit
  • Constellation Space Helmet
  • Unlock Sarah Morgan as a companion

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