Starfield Echoes Of The Past Walkthrough

Be prepared to do a lot of killing in the "Echoes of the Past" mission of Starfield. You're going to go up against the Alien Queen herself.

Echoes of the Past is the third part of a series of faction missions where your character plays as an informant for the UC Vanguard against the Crimson Fleet in Starfield.

Faction Quests are short mini-stories that have no clash with the main campaign of Starfield. They act as bonus features to keep the players engaged with exciting new objectives and an immersive new story that provides the player with more game time and rewards.

This guide includes all the details necessary for you to complete the Echoes of the Past faction quest in Starfield.

How to unlock the “Echoes of the Past” mission

Echoes of the Past can be unlocked instantly by completing the Rook Meets King faction mission in Starfield. It belongs to a series of faction quests involving the player becoming an informant for the UC Vanguard to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet gang.

How to complete Echoes of the Past in Starfield

Whatever decision you make at the end of Rook Meets King, you will receive a prompt afterward to meet with Delgado and Mathis at the Lock on the Suvorov planet.

Delgado will be present at the location with Mathis and a few of his allies trying to get inside the Lock to locate any information about a person known as Kryx.


Beware of the Lock as there will be a bunch of creepy crawling aliens waiting to hurt you. Killing them will be quite easy but challenging at the same time as they’ll be in a huge quantity. Use your melee attacks to get rid of them to save ammunition for the later part of the quest.

Enter the Lock

Once you reach the gates of the Lock, wait for Delgado to break the seal and enter this old prison facility where Kryx was held captive.

The Lock will be infested with these alien buggers known as Grylloba. Follow Delgado and wipe out any Gryllobas in your sight.

Once the area is cleared from the Gryllobas, Delgado will ask you to head over to the control room with Mathis to open the rest of the doors for the Lock.

Follow the blue marker on your Starfield HUD that will guide you to the control room in the Echoes of the Past faction mission. Unfortunately, when you pass through a corridor, the walls of the corridor will demolish separating you and Mathis from the rest of the Crimson Fleet crew.

Explore the Lock with Mathis

Delgado will instruct you to open the doors for the Lock, however, Mathis will be forging a plan of his own to take down Delgado and sell whatever he finds in the Lock to Naeva Mora to make a quick buck.

Mathis will ask you to join him. There will be a few prompted answers, whatever you choose will not reflect on this faction quest.

With that conversation ended make your way to the control room using your hand scanner or the blue marker on your HUD to guide you.

Approach the intercom at the control room to communicate with Delgado where he will instruct you to use the console located right beside you to open the door for him to proceed.

Head to the D-Block Guard Tower

Your next objective to complete Echoes of the Past is to head over to the D-Block Guard Tower where Delgado suspects Kyrx’s holding cell was.

D-Block Guard Tower is quite far from the D-Block prison so make sure to use your Hand scanner often to avoid getting lost.

Once you’ve reached the guard tower, Mathis will again speak with you about betraying Delgado but don’t bulge just yet into accepting his offer and ignore him.

Access the nearby terminal where the blue marker on your screen is pointing and gather information about Kryx’s Cell. The cell will be located in Sector 3 of the D-Block prison cell.

Unlock Cell 106 of Sector 2 (optional)

While you’re on the terminal of the D-Block Guard Tower, you can also open cell 106 of sector 2 where you can find a loot cache filled with ammo, Digpicks, and weapons.

This is an optional quest in the Echoes of the Past faction mission in Starfield.

Search for Kyrx’s Cell

After opening Sector 3 make your way towards it where you’ll find Kyrx’s cell. The cell will be completely empty though, look for a suspicious lamp.

Upon interacting with the lamp you’ll be asked to remove a slate from it. The slate will contain Kryx’s plan.

Once you’ve listened to the slate make your way to the shower room right next to Kyrx’s cell where you’ll find another slate containing Kryx’s escape plan.

After hearing about Kryx’s escape plan, use your hand scanner to locate Kryx’s escape tunnel to return to Delgado.

Beware of Gryllobas that will be found in the loose wall area of the escape tunnel. Kill all of the creepy crawlers and make your way to the Warden’s office.

In the Warden’s Office

Once you’ve followed the escape tunnel and exited through the loose wall, you’ll be hit with a loading screen that will transfer you to the warden’s office.

Your goal is to escape the Lock once and for all by using the shuttle right outside the Lock but once you interact with the intercom, you’ll find out that the whole Crimson Fleet crew has been wiped out by the Gryllobas and the Alien Queen. Only Delgado survived.

Mathis will show up again asking you to forget his conversation with you about Delgado after the intercom communication with Delgado has ended.

Defeat the Alien Queen

After Mathis is done with his rants, your last step is to butcher the Gryllobas and Alien Queen to get back to the shuttle. Hopefully, you’ve stacked up enough ammo from the Lock to easily wipe out the Alien Queen of Starfield.

Once you’re done with the Alien Queen, head to the shuttle to rendezvous at the Key and report back to Delgado.

Speak with Mathis and then Naeva Mora, who will provide you with a new faction quest called ‘Siren of the Stars.

Report back to Commander Ikande

If you were playing as an informant for the UC Vanguard, make your way to Commander Ikande at the UC HQ in New Atlantis to provide a report on the recent events at the Lock.

This will mark an end to the Echoes of the Past faction quest in Starfield.

Starfield – Echoes of the Past mission rewards

  • 7800 Credits
  • 350 XP
  • Keelhauler Pistol
  • UC Prison Shuttle Ship

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