Starfield Ship Customization Guide

The ship customization feature in Starfield allows you to design your own vessel as you see fit, once you have figured out the systems.

Starfield provides the player with the opportunity to design and build their ship. This customization is not only subjected to cosmetics but also varies in different ship stats. In Starfield, the whole ship is made of several different modules and you can add, remove, and replace these modules to make full use of the Starfield ship customization options.

Although there are countless options available to customize your ship in Starfield, you need to take care of some factors as well. Building up a ship with heavy mass will cause hurdles in maneuverability. Additionally, there are plenty of other things to note and most of them you will learn with some experience in the game.

How to customize Starships in Starfield

Customizing allows you to design some truly wild and amazing-looking starships in the game. For those with some creative juices, a custom-designed ship is the best way to fly around in Starfield.

To customize your ship in Starfield, you need to find a Ship Services Technician. They are located at different spaceports and landing zones, especially within major cities. The technician will allow you to customize your ship with different parts and modules that can fit your current class.

Starfield ship services technician

One important thing to mention here is the versatility of modules. Visiting different Technicians will provide you with more options for the same module as all of them have parts from different manufacturers.

During the customization phase, you can not only swap out parts for new ones or add new ones on top of the old ones, but you also have the option to paint each module of your ship in Starfield.


Before proceeding with finalizing the customization of your ship, there are some important factors to note as well.

Starfield ship customization

While choosing the parts and modules for your ship, make sure they match the rating of your ship’s reactor. Adding some extra heavy parts will slow down the ship and this is a big disadvantage in combat affecting the maneuverability of the ship.

While going through the list of the parts available for your ship, you will also find some of them locked. To access these parts, you must have to level up your ship design. This can be done by leveling up the Starship Design skill from your character skill tree.

In addition to buying new parts, you can also sell some of them back to the technician. He can also repair your existing modules for the price of some credits. You can also buy brand new ships from these technicians as well.

Stats to keep in mind when customizing a ship

While building up the Starship, there are a lot of stats associated with each Starfield ship module. Having a deep knowledge of them will help you in building the ship that will exactly match your needs. Whether you want to build a combat-ready ship for a dogfight or a long-endurance one to travel at distant stars, all these factors are dependent on the module stats you are adding to the ship.

  • LAS: Laser Weapon Damage
  • BAL: Ballistic Weapon Damage
  • MSL: Missile Weapon Damage
  • Hull: Ship Health and Durability
  • Shield: Capacity to protect the ship from damage
  • Reactor: Energy Requirement of your ship
  • Cargo: Cargo carrying capacity
  • Shielded Cargo: Smuggled cargo carrying capacity
  • Crew Capacity: Ship crew member capacity
  • Fuel: Fuel holding capacity
  • Jump Range: Max distance traveled using a single Grav Drive
  • Mobility: Maneuverability of ship
  • Top Speed: Max speed of the ship
  • Mass: Total mass of ship

As mentioned earlier, in addition to these stats you need to take care of the Reactors power. You can only add up the modules supporting the power of the reactor. Starfield also allows you to change the power allocation to different systems of your ship. Following is the list of these systems.

  • LAS: Laser Weapon Damage
  • LAS: Laser Weapon Damage
  • LAS: Laser Weapon Damage
  • ENG: Starship Speed
  • SHD: Shield resisting the damage
  • GRV: Grav Jump charge speed

This is pretty much all about the customization of a ship. Instead of just altering your ship you can also buy new ones from the technicians as well. Boarding a new ship will automatically make it your home ship and the previous one will be returned to your parked fleet.

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