How To Visit Your Parents With The Kid Stuff Trait In Starfield

If you want to meet your parents in Starfield, choose the Kid Stuff trait during character creation.

It turns out your Starfield character’s parents are alive, and Starfield allows you to meet them at any time. But visiting your Parents is only possible if you choose the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield.

I will cover everything about seeing your parents with this trait. This will also include your parent’s locations and what they can offer you in Starfield.

How the Kid Stuff Trait works in Starfield

The Kid Stuff is one of the traits, and you can select it during character creation. This trait will allow you to visit your parents in Starfield. You can have a wholesome, warm chat with your parents, which many players find very pleasant.

After selecting this trait, you have to play the game until you are tasked to arrive and join the Constellation. But before you do so, you will get a quest from Noel. This quest requires you to visit your parents.

You can also stay at your parent’s apartment in your room, which you can use as storage. The only drawback of having your parents around with the Kid Stuff trait in Starfield is that you have to pay them 2% of the credits every in-game week.

This is because your parents live in New Atlantis, and the rent there is insane, which will help them stay under the roof.

Parents House location in Pioneer Tower

Your parents live in the New Atlantis so you have to travel there. After you land there, take the metro and transit to the Residential District.

At the Residential District, you will see a board that will indicate the direction of Pioneer Tower. Use the elevator to reach the family apartment. After that, head to the apartment door, and you will meet your parents in Starfield.

After some warm chit-chat, your parents will reveal that the rent in New Atlantis is insane, and their combined pension is still insufficient to afford to live. Your parents will ask you to send them 2% of your credits weekly.

One thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter if you have 100 or a million credits; you will automatically send 2% of your credits weekly. But your parents are alive, and you can meet them anytime to relax so you don’t need to be materialistic here.

If you still want to keep your money, you can choose the Remove Kid’s Stuff Trait option from the dialogues, and it will stop sending credits to your parents. Be advised this is a permanent decision, and you cannot undo it once it is removed.

Your parents in Starfield will move out of New Atlantis, and you will never meet them again.

All encounters with your parents

Aside from the apartment, you will encounter your parents at two more locations in the later game. One encounter will be at the Astral Lounge club at Neon. The other encounter will be at the Akila Petting Zoo, where they will check one of their retirement adventure bucket list.

What you can get from your Parents in Starfield

Aside from the apartment space and love, there are certain items and gear that your parents will give you as a gift.

Sir Livingstone’s Pistol

In the Lodge, Your parents will present Sir Livingstone’s Pistol, a high-velocity weapon with 31 damage and an extended magazine. You can get this after you have sent your parent in Starfield their first payment since you met them.

Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Helmet

After five missions in Starfield, Noel will give you a note from your Mom. You have to meet her at the Pioneer Tower Lodge. Your Mom will provide you with the Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit and Helmet.


Wanderwall is a Spaceship that your dad will gift you after he has won a big poker game. You can get this after six missions in which Noel will give you a note from your Parents asking you to meet them at Pioneer Tower in Starfield.

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