How To Complete Remnant 2 Oracle Of Dran Quilt

The patchwork quilt by the Oracle of Dran in Remnant 2 tracks your progress in the game and we can show you how to complete it...

The Oracle of Dran is one of the NPCs in Remnant 2 which offers quests and rewards you with a trait and an infinite buff as well. Oracle of Dran in Remnant 2 is the maker of the progress tracking quilt and can be found at any one of the three locations all of which are located in the Losomn.

These locations include Morrow Parish, Brocwhite Quarter, and Forsaken Quarter. To reach her, you need to find a big room known as the Oracle’s Refuge. To enter the building, you can use the wooden ladder placed outside.

Once inside, you can see her sitting on a large sofa along with the Dran children and a knitting machine in front. The room also has a large quilt resting on the floor. Approaching her directly will have no effect on her. She will not interact until you complete her initial quest.

Where to find Oracle of Dran in Remnant 2

To interact with her, first, you need to find the two missing Dran children. Have a look around at the outside area and make sure to follow up on the missing children until they reach the hideout.

Doing so will complete the quest and she will start interacting with along with the Recovery trait reward. While having the discussion with her, she will tell you about the quilt she made. 

How to complete the Oracle of Dran quilt

The quilt by the Oracle of Dran in Remnant 2 contains a total of 12 squares on it. Initially, they are empty but they start getting filled with iconic images once you start progressing through different events and bosses in the world. It works like a progress tracker. The more it is filled with images symbolizes you have almost gone through the major events in the world.


Each of the squares on the quilt is associated with a particular event or a boss. It will take some time to complete all these events of the Losomn world to fill in the quilt completely.

With the completion of each event, one of the quilt squares will get filled with an iconic image. After completing the whole quilt, you can also interact with the Oracle of Dran to claim your reward, the All-Seeing Eye consumable.

We have listed all the 12 events/bosses that complete the Oracle of Dran quilt in Remnant 2 and discussed them briefly, providing you with a heads-up before getting in any one of them.

  • Postulant Parlor (Event)
  • Bloat King (Boss)
  • The Feast (Event)
  • Nightweaver (Boss)
  • Magister Dullian (Boss)
  • Gwendyl: The Unburnt (Boss)
  • The Red Prince (Boss/Event)
  • Find Dria (Event)
  • Council Tribunal (Event)
  • Fearin/Faelin (Boss)
  • The Burning (Event)
  • Man in the Sewers (Event)

Postulant Parlor (Event)

Postulant is a silent creature residing at the Postulant Parlor and waiting for you with a puzzle board game table. You need to visit him and win 3 Postulant Puzzle games in a row to complete the event.

Bloat King (Boss)

Bosses are always tough to fight and Bloat King is one of them. You can find him easily at The Great Sewers. While having an encounter, try to attack the weakest point of the foe which is the shining golden Energy Ball.

The Feast (Event)

As the name suggests, the Feast event is a kind of an eating event. At The Great Hall, after opening the locked door using the Ravenous Medallion you will find a strange creature inside. He will be having a lot of rotten food on the table and invites you to join him.

You will also have to encounter multiple small enemies as well. This event also rewards a Neckbone Necklace.

Nightweaver (Boss)

Nightweaver is among the mandatory bosses you will encounter while going through the Losomn world. This flying boss is Nimue’s sister and can be found at The Tormented Asylum. She revolves all around the battlefield so be vigilant and target her heart which is the weak point.

Magister Dullain (Boss)

Magister Dullain is an optional boss located in the Losomn. She possesses a lantern and a staff. Her tongue is the weakest spot to target and she drops Tainted Ichor, Tome of Knowledge, and Lumenite Crystals upon defeat.

Gwendil: The Unburnt (Boss)

Gwendil: The Unburnt is a boss that belongs to the Dran race and can be found in the Cotton’s Kiln located in Losomn. It is also an optional boss and you can knock him down by attacking his head. He drops Alkahest Powder, Tome of Knowledge, and Lumenite Crystals upon its death.

The Red Prince (Boss/Event)

The Red Prince is among the unique bosses whose boss fight can be avoided as well. He can be found in the Glided Chambers area of Losomn. Sitting on his throne, first, he will demand ransom money.

Paying him will avoid the Red Prince boss fight while refusing to pay the tribe will start the boss fight. Make sure to target his head as it is the weak spot on his body.

Find Dria (Event)

Riewen and Dria both were dragged into a biome by a monster. Riewen managed to escape and in the Harvester’s Reach dungeon located in Losomn, he asks the protagonist to save Dria. For the said purpose, you have to take down the Bargest the Vile and return the reward (Dria’s Anklet) you get for defeating the enemy to Riewen.

Council Tribunal (Event)

The Council Tribunal is located inside the Council Chamber. This area allows you to get the Assassin’s Seal and Assassin’s Dagger by rearranging the Council keys. There are no bosses and NPCs in the area however you may encounter some Fae Soldier, Lantern Horror, and Ranged Fae while going through it.

Fearin/Faelin (Boss)

Faelin and Fearin are the two bosses located in the Beatific/Malefic Gallery in Losomn. You will encounter them while going through the One True King questline. You can choose to fight and kill either Faerin or Faelin. The strategy for both is the same.

The Burning (Event)

This event involves the burning of a hanged man located at the Butcher’s Quarter. During the event, you have the choice to either save the hanging man or let him burn. Saving him will reward you with the Shadeskin trait and Dran Memento while letting him burn will result in obtaining the trait only.

Man in the Sewers (Event)

Man in the Sewers is an event that can be found in the Tiller’s Rest located in Losomn. The event involves obtaining the Spirit Wisp Amulet. You can give it to the man in the sewers to get the Outcast Ring in return as well.

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