Remnant 2: Should You Give The Spirit Wisp Amulet Or Not?

There is a man in the sewers of Tiller's Rest that wants your Spirit Wisp amulet in Remnant 2. Should you do the trade or not?

There are two pieces of jewelry, the Spirit Wisp amulet and the Outcast ring, that you are going to come across while exploring the sewers of Tiller’s Rest in Remnant 2.

Unlike other items in the game, you will be forced to choose only one of them. This decision is permanent. Choosing the Spirit Wisp amulet, for example, is going to lock you out of getting your hands on the Outcast ring, and vice versa, at least for the current playthrough.

So which one do you pick: the Spirit Wisp amulet or the Outcast ring in Remnant 2? Well, you can actually get both of them. Here is how.

How to get the Spirit Wisp Amulet in Remnant 2

To get your hands on the Spirt Wisp Amulet head over to Tiller’s Rest Dungeon located in the region of Losomn in Remnant 2. The dungeon is filled with quests and secret hidden items that you can find by exploring the dungeon. The Spirit Wisp Amulet can be found quite quickly in the starting areas of the dungeon.

As you’re about to begin your exploration you’ll be met with a prisoner NPC confined inside a small cell at the beginning of the first area. Interact with the NPC and he’ll tell you about a flying Light Wisp that possesses over anything living and makes them go crazy. Your task is to find the Light Wisp, get possessed by it, and bring it back to the NPC.

Due to the procedural generation of the maps, the location of the Light Wisp cannot be told, however, it is usually found at the end of the starting area or the beginning of the second area of the dungeon after you’ve opened the floodgates.


The Light Wisp can be found resting on a platform, upon getting close to it it’ll possess you. The Light Wisp is harmless however if you die while exploring the Dungeon, you must find the Light Wisp again. It is best to bring the Light Wisp right back to the prisoner before you continue your exploration.

Once the Light Wisp is brought back to the prisoner, it’ll turn into the Spirit Wisp amulet.

Should you give the amulet to the man in the sewers?

The Spirit Wisp amulet is one of the best amulets you can find in Remnant 2. This is because of its powerful ability to reduce your cooldowns by a specific amount. With Archon builds, for example, you can use this amulet to bring up your skills faster than normal.

When the man in the sewers sees the amulet, he is going to want you to hand it over. Trading the Spirit Wisp amulet will get you the Outcast ring which in contrast, increases your reload speed. It can also be stacked up to 5 times, giving a bigger boost to players who run a high fire rate or low magazine capacity weapons.

Should you trade the Spirit Wisp amulet in Remnant 2? No, keep it with you. The amulet is pretty powerful to give away to a random NPC in the game.

However, if you want to get both the amulet and the ring, you must re-roll the world and complete this event two times. In your first playthrough, give the amulet to the man in the sewers for the Outcast ring. In your second playthrough, keep the amulet. This way you can get both items.

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