How To Solve The Postulant’s Parlor Puzzle In Remnant 2

You need to solve the chess puzzle in the Postulant's Parlor to get the powerful Royal Hunting bow in Remnant 2.

When exploring different sections in Remnant 2, you will come across certain puzzles to solve. These puzzles can either be easily completed or can cause hurdles for you. As you enter the section of Postulants Parlor, you will soon have a chance to take part in the completion of a chess game puzzle in Remnant 2. This puzzle is key to the Royal Hunting Bow locked behind the area.

The Royal Hunting bow is one of the lightweight weapons you can acquire in Remnant 2. It provides maximum accuracy, and a good amount of damage, and is best used at medium range against enemies.

Today we will be showing you how you can solve the Postulant’s Parlor puzzle and acquire the Royal Hunting Bow in Remnant 2.

The Postulant’s Parlor Chess puzzle solution in Remnant 2

As you make your way to the Postulant’s Parlor section of Fae Palace on Losomn, you must head past a few doorways and enemies to reach a silent statue sitting on the stage at the central part of the area. Do keep in mind that you will need the magical quill to open the doorway that leads to Postulant’s Parlor.

Players will be controlling the white pieces on the chess board during the Parlor Puzzle, whereas the Postulant itself will be controlling the black pieces.

The aim of the chess puzzle is to put your three pieces in a straight line, making it more of a tic-tac-toe. If players manage to do so, they will complete the puzzle. If the enemy manages to put all his pieces in a straight line, players will be inflicted with the Curse status effect.


The cursed effect removes a portion of the player’s health which can only be regained by resting at a checkpoint. The status effect also stacks so the more you lose the game, the more your health will go down.

How to get Royal Hunting Bow

The statue is looking directly at the chess board in front indicating that you must solve the puzzle to unlock the door located at the back which contains the Royal Hunting Bow.  

Approach the statue and start playing the game. During the Postulants Parlor game, you must align the three pieces on the board in a row.

As you start the chess puzzle in Remnant 2, keep in mind that the game is random and depends solely upon the choices you make. However, there is a trick that you can use.

Simply, move the central piece to the top. Follow it up by placing the bottom piece to the left. Furthermore, place the same piece upwards, and lastly, drag the upper piece below to align all three pieces in a row and thus, solving the tic tac toe puzzle.

Below we have added an image that shows the moves and in which direction you need to move each piece to solve the Postulant’s Parlor puzzle in Remnant 2.

As you solve the puzzle, the door behind the statue unlocks to reveal the Royal Hunting Bow inside the room. Reach the room and interact with the Bow to collect it and add it to your inventory.

Now most players seem to leave Postulant’s Parlor after they get the Royal Hunting Bow, but there are two other items there. Let us see how to get them.

How to get Fae Royal Armor set

The Fae Royal Armor is found behind the top right door of Postulant’s Parlor. To unlock Fae’s Armor room, players need to place one of their pieces in the top right corner of the board.

Remnant 2 Postulant's Parlor Puzzle

Doing so will unlock the door and you can go and get the entire Fae Armor set easily. You can do this while trying to unlock Royal Hunting Bow.

How to get the Game Master’s Pride ring

This ring can only be obtained during co-op. You need to have a friend who will get the ring for you. There are two doors blocking the way to the ring. The first door is opened by putting your piece on the bottom left corner of the game board.

Remnant 2 Postulant's Parlor Puzzle

After the first door is opened, your co-op player will go in towards the second door. Leave the board and the board will reset. On this, the second door will open and the first door will close, allowing your co-op friend to go and get the ring.

After your friend has the ring, you can again open the door by putting your piece in the bottom left corner of the board and you can then take the ring from your friend.

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