Remnant 2 Magister Dullain Boss Guide

Magister Dullain is perhaps one of the hardest optional bosses you can choose to encounter in the world of Losomn in Remnant 2.

Magister Dullain is perhaps one of the hardest optional bosses you can choose to encounter in the world of Losomn in Remnant 2.

Due to its sheer size, this horror boss moves very slowly but due to its damage resistance capabilities at long range, it is a challenging boss to face.

Unlike other bosses, it has a weakness that cannot be directly taken advantage of. To know more about the Magister Dullain boss in Remnant 2, follow the guide below:

Where to find Magister Dullain in Remnant 2

The Shattered Gallery is a returning location in the Remnant series and is home to the Magister Dullain boss. The area is covered with shattered objects; hence the name.

As you reach the Shattered Gallery in Losomn, you will find Magister Dullain standing at the central part of the area atop the stack of broken objects near the entrance to the Gallery in Remnant 2.

How to defeat Magister Dullain in Remnant 2

After heading inside the Shattered Gallery, you will Magister Dullain at the entrance. However, the boss is not alone as there are other of its minions as well that are looking to stop from dealing damage to Magister Dullain.


Regardless of their numbers, they are quite easy to defeat. Simply use a ranged weapon to kill them instantly as they try to approach you.  

Moving your focus to the boss itself, Magister Dullain uses a variety of attacks during this fight. It starts the fight by using a Horror Vomit. During this attack, the boss will shoot out balls of vomit toward you that deal acid damage if connected properly.

In order to prevent dealing with the damage from this attack, you can simply jump to the opposite side where the vomit is being thrown at.

Following that, the boss deals burning damage with the attack called Will O Wisp. During this attack, the boss will throw a fireball from the lantern it’s holding. You can avoid this attack by moving aside.

She will then, use her staff to perform a Gravity Attack. Magister Dullain will slam the staff to the ground the throw all the bodies that levitate at you to deal damage. You can move behind the large pillars to avoid damage.

Lastly, if you survive, the boss will use its large tongue to perform a Tongue Impalement. This move will instantly kill you so avoiding it is a must. As you avoid the attack, follow it up with your own counter-attack by targeting the weakness of Magister Dullain which is its long tongue in Remnant 2.

Rewards for defeating Magister Dullain

After slaying the horror boss, Magister Dullain in Remnant 2, you will be able to collect the following rewards:

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