Remnant 2 Gwendil Boss Guide

Gwendil, the Unburnt, is one of the optional bosses that you can take on while exploring the Losomn world in Remnant 2.

Gwendil, the Unburnt, is one of the most interesting and terrifying bosses in Remnant 2. If the title itself isn’t enough to frighten someone, then the way she fights will definitely put some players on edge.

Although being a human instead of a monster, Gwendil is quite a formidable fighter. She mainly uses her grenades and a couple of minions to deal damage, but in such a way that it gets troubling to counter.

Hence why, without the right strategy, many players struggle to defeat Gwendil, the Unburnt, in Remnant 2. Before we can learn exactly how to do that though, we must first learn where to find her.

Where to find Gwendil in Remnant 2

Since Gwendil, the Unburnt is an optional boss, she may not appear at all while following campaigns. However, you are bound to reach Ironborough, Losomn, at some point in the campaign.

This is where you can find Gwendil. When at this location, you must visit the Cotton’s Kiln to start the fight with the boss. This will be a large structure with an unreachable, elevated platform.

How to defeat Gwendil in Remnant 2

Considering the type of enemies you usually face in Remnant 2, Gwendil’s fighting method is very unorthodox. This is because she has quite a lot of resources in her arsenal, both in defense and on offense.


First of all, the fight takes place in an area that has an upper and ground level. Gwendil fights from an upper level, which can not be climbed up to. Hence, it’s best to forget about dealing melee damage to her but fight from long range instead.

Even at long range, Gwendil can also summon Dran minions on the ground. These are Oil Dran villages that set themselves on fire and chase you around. If they come in contact with you, you will receive fire damage.

On top of that, she also spawns a couple more minions on the upper platform, wielding rifles. Although these minions target you constantly, they can be rid of in a few shots.

Gwendil’s main attack, however, is incendiary grenades. She throws napalm grenades at you with her right hand. If they miss, then they leave a pool of fire that lingers on the ground for a while. If you happen to step into the fire, you will receive fire damage.

This is why it is recommended to bring items that give you fire resistance into this fight.

Nevertheless, even with all of that offensive and defensive advantage, Gwendil is still very easy to defeat with the correct strategy.

Target the grenades

Although Gwendil’s weakest point is her head, aiming only at it isn’t always the main goal in Remnant 2.

If you have a Handler, you can constantly shoot at her right hand. If you happen to hit a grenade while it’s in her hand, it will explode, dealing around 300 damage to her.

If you don’t have that kind of firepower, you can try going for the head as a main source of damage output. However, your main priority should be the minions on the ground.

Target the Drans first

Try to get as many of the ground minions out of the way as possible. If too many of them start running around on fire, they can burn you down pretty quickly.

Focus on Gwendil only after you have dealt with the minions on the ground first. The minions on the upper platform, on the other hand, are very easy to get rid of.

Always keep on the move

Another important factor in this fight is the movement. You must make sure that you are almost always relocating every few seconds in this fight. This is because you don’t have a lot of room left after the minions and the fire pools start accumulating.

An important point to note is that Gwendil can also recover her health gradually during the fight, which means that you have to follow the strategy at a fast pace to keep consistent with the damage output.

By the end of the fight, Gwendil will start to relocate herself. At this point, you must go around the area to find her from time to time, but you must still follow the same strategy until she is defeated.

Rewards for defeating Gwendil, the Unburnt

After defeating Gwendil, the Unburnt, you will receive the following as a reward:

The Alkahest Powder is an interesting item, as it has the potential to grant you an ability much like Gwendil’s. For that, you will have to trade it in for the Witchfire mod. This allows you to throw fire grenades that leave flames lingering on the ground for a short while.

Although the initial damage may not be enough, the lingering flame can cause serious problems for your enemies, which is why this item is worth having.

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