How To Get Lumenite Crystals In Remnant 2

The Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2 are one of the resources that you can use to upgrade and craft different items.

The Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2 are one of the resources that you can use to upgrade and craft different items. These crystals are rare throughout the game and can be used to purchase mods for your guns and gear.

You use different ways to farm the Lumenite Crystals, including buying from Cass and taking out some elites. There are also some locations where you can find this resource which we will cover below.

How to farm Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2

As mentioned, there are different ways to get your hands on Lumenite Crystals. The methods to get the crystals include buying from Chass and taking out some enemies. Below we will list all the methods you can use to get the Lumenite Crystals, along with some specific locations.

Buy from Cass

The crystals can be bought from Cass at 300 Scraps per crystal. Considering the high drop rates of Scraps, the easiest way to farm these is to buy them from Cass. Now and then, when you return from your adventures to Ward 13, you can easily pick them up from Cass.

Another way to make this exercise more efficient is to add mods to your build, resulting in high drops like the Scavenger’s Bauble or The Vaccum Seal Ring.

By defeating Corrupted Harbor and the Elites

However, if you want to test out the strength and durability of your build while farming these crystals out on the battlefield, we might have a few locations to pique your interest. You can always search for the Corrupted Harbor in Root Harbor, as the number of elites and Aberrations there is unimaginable.


Lumenite Crystal locations in Remnant 2

There is one specific spot you can hit later in the game, but it will be worthwhile to know it. You can choose to travel to The Twisted Chantry in Yaesha. This place will have spawned a Champion who will drop one Lumenite Crystal every time you defeat him.

The area is relatively small, so you can easily hit reset and spawn him again to keep farming. The Champion will be alongside his subordinates, so watch out for them.

One more spot you can hit is The Great Bole in Yaesha. This area also has an elite enemy, bound to drop Lumenite crystals occasionally in Remnant 2. This area is also a great place to farm EXP if you want to. The area is also small, so you wouldn’t have to travel much to find these enemies.

Other General areas rich in Elite Enemies and Aberrations are Forbidden Grove in Yaesha and Great Sewers in Losomn. Explore areas suited to your build so you can easily farm these crystals.

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