Remnant 2 The Red Prince Boss Guide

The Red Prince demands tribute from you in Remnant 2. You can reject him to fight him to the death instead.

The Red Prince is one of the most powerful bosses among all bosses that you encounter in the world of Losomn in Remnant 2.

When you enter his throne room, the Red Prince will give you three dialogue options. You can either pay him tribute in the shape of three Crimson King Coins, question him asking for tribute, and downright reject paying him anything.

The latter two options are how you start this boss fight. However, do not think that you can get away if you have managed to get the coins beforehand. Paying him tribute is still going to end ghastly for you.

Where to find The Red Prince in Remnant 2

The Red Prince resides in the world of Losomn and considers himself worthy of being the One True King in Remnant 2. You will find this enemy boss stationed at the Gilded Chambers.

Before engaging him there, you will have to go through the arduous task of clearing the elite king’s guards in that place if you want to avoid fighting this enemy boss and collect at least 3 crimson king coins as well.

How to defeat The Red Prince in Remnant 2

In order to defeat the Red Prince in Remnant 2, you will have to target his weak spots. This will include only his face area so all your damage needs to be concentrated in only that area.


Once you offend him with your tribute, the boss fight will begin. Do note that the Red Prince is not an easy boss fight and he will definitely give you a hard time.

If you come ill-prepared then this fight will not go in your favor. So before fighting the Red Prince, you need to know all of his attack moves so that you can evade his deadly attacks in Remnant 2.

In the beginning, this enemy boss will use teleportation frequently to position himself in areas where he can attack you ferociously.

Moreover in close range, the Red Prince will use his large fiery sword to instill massive damage on you so watch out for his slashes and keep your distance. Dodge his incoming attacks and aim for his head and damage him with those headshots in Remnant 2.

Next, he will swing his sword and go for a ranged fire attack on you as well. Since this attack is slow you can roll sideways to avoid getting hit by it. When you bring the Red Prince’s life to 60 percent he will get angry and then a fiery cyclone-type attack on you.

Since this attack will cover a large field you need to heal immediately if you are low on health or reload your weapons. This is because the field of this attack will decrease and the arena will be engulfed in flames.

To avoid this attack you can make your way to the upper level as it won’t reach there and stay there for the duration of this attack.

Here you will need to watch out for the Red Prince as he will attack you on close range so your play here should be to evade his attacks and time the headshots correctly on this enemy boss.

Furthermore, you can use the battle arena to your advantage by moving to the lower levels and upper levels during this boss fight. Repeat this attack pattern and you will be able to defeat the Red Prince eventually in Remnant 2.

Rewards for defeating Red Prince

Once you have successfully defeated the Red Prince in Remnant 2, this enemy boss will drop tons of loot for you to salvage. These will include

  1. Scrap
  2. Lumenite Crystal (x3)
  3. Forlorn Fragment
  4. Tome of Knowledge

Similarly, if you are able to avoid this boss fight by offering him the required tribute then the Red Prince instead of fighting you, will reward you with the following items.

  1. Trait Point (x1)
  2. Bloody Steel Splinter

Finally, killing him with the Assassin’s Dagger will get you the Crown of the Red Prince.

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