Remnant 2 Faelin / Faerin Boss Guide

Both Faelin and Faerin are story bosses, meaning that you are bound to face them one way or the other after reaching the end of Remnant 2.

One of the most exhilarating fights you will ever face in Remnant 2 is the one against Faelin or Faerin. These two bosses are encountered in Losomn, and it is inevitable to face them as you will be required to choose one of the two to progress through the story.

Although the two may be different Fae bosses, they are pretty much alike. Together, they are known as the Impostor King. Faelin/Faerin is responsible for tricking the Council into plotting against and killing the One True King.

With the death of the One True King, the two worlds of Fae and Dran merged together, but the Impostor King was consequently divided into two separate individuals – Faelin and Faerin.

Both of them are pretty much alike, with the only difference between them being the aesthetic of the battlefield, and the rewards that they offer. Hence why, the choice between fighting Faelin and Faerin makes little difference in terms of battle strategy.

Regardless of whether you have chosen Faelin or Farin, the strategy to defeat them remains the same. If you are struggling with this, let us show you how to defeat this boss in Remnant 2.

Where to find Faelin and Faerin in Remnant 2

Both Faelin and Faerin are story bosses, meaning that you are bound to face them one way or the other after reaching the end of Remnant 2.


You will encounter Faelin or Faerin (depending on your choice) while doing The Impostor quest which is given to you by Nimue. To find the bosses, you must go to the Beatific Gallery in Losomn.

As to which one of these bosses in Remnant 2 you should choose, there isn’t much to note except the rewards that they offer. That’s why we recommend that you take a look at the rewards section first.

You can choose whichever boss you want to face depending on the rewards that you want to get. Remember that you will only be able to face one of them in your first playthrough.

How to defeat Faelin and Faerin in Remnant 2

Both Faelin and Faerin are Fae bosses, which means that their fighting style is pretty much identical. That is why the strategy to defeat either of them remains the same.

Moreover, even their weaknesses remain the same. With Faelin’s and Faerin’s weak spots being their head, we recommend that targeting it should be your main priority – which is a part of the general strategy, of course.

Remember that following the correct strategy to defeat these bosses is important, as they are one of the most versatile and mobile bosses in the game.

The Faelin and Faerin boss fights are divided into three identical phases, which is why the strategy against them will vary a little bit depending on the phases.

Phase 1

This is the first phase of the fight, which starts as you enter the boss fight. This is perhaps the easiest phase of the fight, but you shouldn’t take the boss lightly in this phase either.

In this phase, Faelin and Faerin will both have melee as well as ranged attacks. Moreover, they are also very swift, which is why your dodging skills must be on point.

Having the right mobility skills is the highest priority in this fight. You will have to understand the boss’s attack patterns and time your dodges to evade them on time.

 As for Faelin/Faerin’s melee attacks, their combos can vary. They can either do a one-hit, two-hit, or a dash three-hit combo. Although the first two are easy to dodge, the third one is a little bit tricky.

The dash three-hit combo includes two slashing strikes first, followed by an upwards slash. Although the first two slashes can be dodged by rolling to the side, the third one can only be dodged by stepping back from it.

Faelin/Faelin’s ranged attacks are made through a floating orb. They can summon this from time to time, and shoot projectiles at you with it. However, they do take a few seconds to charge up.

You can use this time to shoot at these orbs to break them. This should be your first priority during this phase because these orbs can be very annoying.

Lastly, you should always keep on the move and maintain a little bit of distance from your respective boss, so you can see the attacks coming and time the dodges efficiently. An automatic rifle with a high rate of fire would work best against these bosses.

When you tune up the boss in this way and drop its health to 50%, the next phase of the boss fight will start.

Phase 2

As the second phase of the fight against Faelin/Faerin starts, the boss will halt mid-air and lift up the large swords in the arena. Know that the boss will slam these swords into the ground, causing a lot of AoE damage, spreading almost throughout the whole arena.

Also know that while the boss is using these giant swords, they will be invulnerable. It’s best to use this time to move to the corner of the arena rather than shooting at the boss to avoid a lot of AoE damage.

Moreover, there will also be a slight variation in the boss’ attacks in this phase, apart from being more powerful.

Firstly, the Faelin/Faerin will now be able to summon a row of multiple orbs that shoot projectiles at you. To counter this, instead of destroying all of them, destroy one and use the gap created to get behind the orbs’ line of fire.

Secondly, the boss will be able to pick up one of the swords and slam it into the ground after charging it up, dealing a lot of AoE damage. You must quickly get out of the area of effect as soon as you see the attack coming.

Lastly, aside from summoning a row of multiple orbs, the boss will also spawn only two of them from time to time, working in the same way. It is better to destroy both of the orbs first before targeting the boss.

Apart from these changes, the rest of the strategy against Faelin/Faerin will remain the same. Following that, once you get the boss down to 25% health, phase three and the final stage of the boss fight will start.

Phase 3

This is the hardest stage of the boss fight. In this stage, you will have to prioritize damaging and whittling away the boss’s HP as soon as possible. This is because the boss becomes extremely powerful and fast in this phase.

He will not only gain the ability to fly and also become shrowded, during which phase it will be immune to your attacks. Moreover, he will also separate into two clouds and move around swiftly across the battlefield, dropping sword bombs on you from time to time.

Upon merging, the boss will launch a special attack that can instantly kill you, which means that dodging this attack timely is of utmost importance. Moreover, the boss will also gain a new lunge attack that deals a lot of damage, but this can be seen coming early and can be dodged relatively easily.

Lastly, the boss will also spawn orbs which, instead of shooting projectiles at you, poison an area on the ground. You will have to avoid these areas until they are dispelled.

All in all, movement and timely dodging is the most important factor in this phase of the fight. You must always try to relocate each new second, but manage your stamina along with it as well.

Try to shoot down the boss as quickly as possible before you run out of stamina.  At this point Faelin/Faerin will be at 25% HP, so you have a pretty good chance to take them down quickly.

Rewards for defeating Faelin and Faerin

Although the fight against Faelin and Faerin is almost identical, the rewards that they offer vary a lot. This is why it is important to look at the rewards before you choose which one of the bosses to fight in Remnant 2.

Given below are some of the rewards that are common to both the bosses

  • Lumenite Crystals
  • Scrap
  • Tome of Knowledge
  • Strange Object

The unique rewards for defeating Faelin specifically are as follows:

  • Impostor’s Heart
  • Faerin’s Sigil Ring

The unique rewards for defeating Faerin specifically are as follows:

  • Melded Hilt
  • Faelin’s Sigil Ring

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