Remnant 2 Barghest, The Vile Boss Guide

Barghest, the Vile is a ferocious beast that you will find to be an unstoppable force in Remnant 2. You can find it in Losomn.

Barghest, the Vile is one of the many mini-bosses you will come across in the world of Losomn in Remnant 2. Due to the possession of some of the most unique suffixes and attacks, this beast will pack a punch with its fast movement speed and hard-hitting move set

This makes Barghest one of the hardest bosses to defeat in Remnant 2. To know the tricks to beat this beast, we have prepared the guide below.

Where to find Barghest in Remnant 2

Barghest, the Vile is a beast in Remnant 2, making it an unstoppable force to reckon with. You will come across this mini-boss after exploring the world of Losomn and heading over to the location filled with ghostly creatures called the Harvester’s Reach.

This location is home to several vile creatures that have infested the sewers. As you head down the sewer, simply go through the underground tunnel that leads you to an opening area with several skeletons stacked upon each other.

This will be the central part of the Harvester’s Reach and the location where you will find Barghest, the Vile in Remnant 2.

How to defeat Barghest in Remnant 2

As you reach the central part of Harvester’s Reach, you will soon trigger Barghest, the Vile to come out of its slumber. The swerve is a pretty small place for such a large beast and the best place to kill you instantly.


Therefore, make sure that you lore the mini-boss out of the tunnels and outside where you have several places to take cover. Once you are outside, you have to look out for the boss’s attacks.

Barghest, the Vile uses two types of attacks during this fight, Initially, it uses a slash attack where it runs towards you, takes a small leap, and performs a slash attack.

The attack does not just end with a single slash but instead is a combo attack which is continued by another slash and a tail attack. The attack is predictable so you have enough time you move in the opposite direction where the attack is being performed.

Secondly, as you get closer to the beast, it launches its tail at you and hits you directly in the body to deal a decent amount of damage. This attack occurs on random occasions so, it is almost impossible to time it. The best way to avoid this tack is by maintaining a safe distance from the boss.

To deal with damage to the boss, you must use a rifle to target its head. Barghest, the Vile shows weakness towards headshots, therefore, it is recommended that you aim at its head to deal damage resulting in its defeat.

Rewards for defeating Barghest, the Vile

After putting bullets into the skull of Bargest, the Vile, you will get rewarded with the following drops:

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